Macy’s Flower Show 2023

Hi friends, welcome back! I’m working on my NYC Spring Bucket List, and the first thing I’m crossing off is the 48th Annual 2023 Macy’s Flower Show. The show ran from March 26th through April 10th at the 34th Street Herald Square location. It’s free to checkout and open during store hours. The flowers are featured throughout the fragrance and handbag department as well as the window displays on Broadway.

The flower show is in collaboration with Dior and the Fashion Institute of Technology with a theme of “Big Dreams Bloom Here”.  Per the press release, “This year’s floral extravaganza will transport guests to a dream-like city in the sky, as thousands of plants, flowers and trees take root in the iconic store’s main floor”

This year they offered twenty-minute guided tours every twenty minutes from the time the store opens, until 1pm. The tours “explain the history of the Flower Show at Macy’s, how it comes together each year, and the inspiration for this spring’s event. Plus, they’ll describe the full details of all the plants that appear in the show.” I didn’t a join a tour this year, but I’ll add it to my list for next year.

This year’s flower show was noticeably busier than last year, but I decided to just embrace the chaos, or I’d be waiting all day to get the perfect shot. I usually avoid this area of the city because it’s so busy, but I’ll make an exception for some spring blooms.

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of spring! Stay tuned for more blooms 😊


30 thoughts on “Macy’s Flower Show 2023

  1. Wow! What a fabulous spring display. Macy’s store front decorators must have fun putting such beauty together. That is what a department store is supposed to look like. Thanks for sharing Lyssy. Allan

    1. It’s a great way to welcome spring. I wonder if the same people do the Christmas windows too, seems like a fun job. I agree, I’m glad this Macy’s is sticking to their traditions.

  2. Brilliant retail marketing. First you’re drawn to the windows on the street, then into the departments of the store itself. From the look of the crowds, I’d say it works very well. I do like how they dress up the storefront and not just the windows. The model in the first photo threw me; had to look twice to be sure she wasn’t real. And the reflections in the second photo are hard to figure out. Bands of mirrors radiating from that center circle?

    1. Exactly. Come for the flowers, stay for the shopping. I went twice because the first time was even busier with everyone and their selfie sticks o I just walked out and had the luxury of easily coming back. They do have very real looking mannequins, they have a lot of movement to them. You are correct, a circle of mirrors.

  3. Stunning displays in Macy’s Lyssy, it must bring lots of extra people into the store for a look round. The flowers all look so fresh and colourful not to mention beautifully arranged.

    1. It is a great marketing strategy and seems to work! Their decorators do a wonderful job.

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