NYC Spring Bucket List 2023

Hi friends, welcome back and happy first day of spring! As with many of you I am ready to say goodbye to the dreary, cold winter weather and ready for some sunny, spring days! Each year I make my seasonal bucket list (Spring 2022 Bucket List) and while not much changes on the list, it still gives me some hope for those nice spring days when everyone is happily out and about. There’s a buzz of optimism in the air for happy hours at rooftop bars, picnics in Central Park, and finally putting away our winter coats for good. I also love all the bright and cheery colors of spring after a drab winter. As you’ll see from my list, there will be lots of spring blooms on the blog in the future 🙂

NYC Spring Bucket List

  • See the Cherry Blossom Trees and Conservatory Garden in Central Park
  • Dine outside on a nice day
  • See the Cherry Blossoms & Rose Garden at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden
  • See the Cherry Blossoms on Roosevelt Island
  • See the tulips blooming in Battery Park
  • Walk the Highline
  • See the blooming garden at Little Island
  • Have lunch at Smorgasburg
  • Visit the Met Cloisters
  • Enjoy a flight of wine at Rooftop Reds
  • Try a new ice cream shop
  • Attend a baseball game
  • Have coffee outside at the Starbuck’s Reserve
  • Go hiking
  • See the Tulip Festival
  • Buy a knee-length rain jacket (I don’t believe in umbrellas in NYC, too hard to get around people on the sidewalk)
  • Stop by the Macy’s Flower Show
  • Have a drink at a rooftop bar
  • Spring clean the apartment
  • Have a picnic and watch the sunset in Battery Park

What’s on your Spring Bucket List?

41 thoughts on “NYC Spring Bucket List 2023

  1. A good bucket list to have Lyssy. As to putting the winter coats away, here, instead of 4 different winter coats in the font closet, we are down to 3, so making progress. Spring will be slow arriving here, as usual. As to my spring bucket list 1) 1st bike ride (after all the grit is swept from the roads 2) bird watching down by the lake (after the ice comes off) 3) walking without mitts and toque (I was actually down to shirt sleaves yesterday for a while) 4) more time on the deck (with or without guests 5) visiting with all the neighbours who will now come out of their warm homes 5) yardwork (yes strangely enough, egtting the lawn and gardens in shape is very satisfying). 6) Maybe get to Vancouver in time toi see some spring blooms. Have a great day Lyssy. Allan

    1. That is a great list! I always love hearing the birds chirping more in the spring. I would have put open the windows to let the fresh air in, but we don’t have screens and somehow bugs get up here. I can see how yard work would be welcome after being cooped up all winter and you have a nice deck to spend time on 🙂 This week is in the mid 50s- low 60s, probably a teaser and then we will get snow one more time.

    1. I forgot to put the disclaimer the pics were from last year, but it is starting to feel like spring in the city!

      1. I have seen people post some flowers from Central Park, but I think it’s about two weeks from really blooming. Patience isn’t my best characteristic haha

  2. I just shared a wrap up of my winter bucket list and have my spring bucket list all ready to go for tomorrow. You have some fabulous items on your bucket list! I love that so many flowers will be included in the fun!!

    1. I look forward to reading it! It is nice to see the flowers after the lack of color in winter. NYC does a good job of planting tulips all over the city.

  3. This is just as beautiful as NYC at Christmastime! I have not heard of the Macy’s Flower show. Is this something they do every year?

    1. Yes, this will be the 48th year. Last year was my first time checking it out and it was pretty! It starts this Sunday, but I will probably go during the week when it’s less busy.

  4. Great list! While we don’t have that many flower shows here in Brussels, one of the things I want to do in Spring this year (and every year actually) is to go to a flower field of any kind. I’d love to see some tulips this year though! Thanks for sharing the spring spirit ahah, I’m so glad we are finally over winter!

    1. I’m so glad winter is over too! It’s finally getting warm here and the cherry blossom trees are slowly blooming. I’d love to see the Holland tulips or Japan’s cherry blossoms one day.

  5. We were at the nursery a few weeks ago and the cherry trees tempted us. You need to plant several to get them to produce fruit but even one would look great with those white or pink blossoms. Looking forward to this year’s pictures from the Gardens and Roosevelt Island.

    1. They do look so pretty even just one would be nice to see blooming every year. It is nice I can enjoy all the trees/flowers without all the work. There is a cool tram that goes to Roosevelt Island, it kind of looks like a gondola that has been on my list to go on. Hope I can find the motivation to finally go.

  6. Visiting The Met Cloisters is on my spring bucket list as well–looks like you’re going to be busy for the next three months. Happy spring!

  7. Oh, Lyssy, time does fly. It feels like yesterday that I read your winter bucket list. I do love that your list is full of flower viewing as a spring bucket list should be. I’m looking forward to your photos and impressions. Our spring plans involve a lot of wandering and hiking on the island, a few days of ancient (and other) splendours in Athens, and cooking a goat meat dish perhaps.

    1. It does seem like I was just sharing my winter bucket list! That sounds like a wonderful spring. I can’t wait to see all your pictures!

  8. Here’s to hoping that those spring blossoms are right around the corner. Sounds like there’s a lot of fun activities and attractions to enjoy the spring season in NYC.

    1. I hope they are and that we have some nice spring weather! Spring is a great time in NYC.

  9. This is such a great list, Lyssy. I am a fan of bluebells, therefore coming across a carpet of these pretty blue flowers is a real pleasure in springtime. I know a few places in Sligo where Bluebells can be found along with wild garlic – it’s a truly spectacular sight. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

    1. Bluebells are so pretty, there are a lot of them in Central Park! I don’t think I’ve ever seen wild garlic, but it sounds very cool! Happy Spring!

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