What’s Up: September 2022

Hi friends, welcome back! September was another busy month and flew by in the blink of an eye! We started the month in Europe, decorated for fall, had a great time in Atlanta celebrating Jon’s dad’s 60th birthday, went on a walking donut tour, and watched a lot of football. We are in full fall mode and have another busy month ahead. It always seems like the last quarter of the year is a sprint, but I figure we can hibernate from January through April.

On to my post 🙂 I’ve been linking up with the first blogger I ever read, Shay Shull, for my What’s Up posts. Each month I’m answering the following questions:

What I’m eating: my foodie Friday will be out this Friday so stay tuned! I did a mini Trader Joe’s fall haul and if you see these hold the cones, grab them! Jon said they’re his favorite flavor. We usually have one chocolate and one pumpkin for dessert during the week.

What I’m reminiscing about: with Halloween coming up I always laugh about the oldest picture I have of Jon and I. This is from 2007 and I think I was a freshman in high school and Jon was a senior. I was definitely not above trick or treating for free candy 🙂

What I’m loving: all the fall things! My apartment is so festive and cozy, and I’ll be sharing my Halloween decor on Monday 🙂

Favorite post of the month: I’m picking my Buckingham post. I was sad to learn of the queen’s passing but felt very lucky to have been in London right before the Jubilee. During the funeral procession I recognized so many spots we had visited and of course the beautiful crown jewels. The night of her funeral there was a rainbow in NYC and I think that was her saying a final goodbye.

What I’m Up to: we’re going to Shenandoah National Park soon so I’m planning that. Compared to our other trips there’s not much to plan, but I got permits for a hike and picked out some breweries and cider mills to check out. It should be a nice weekend getaway!

What I’m working on: my Germany and Austria posts! It’s very hard for me to narrow down my pictures because I love them all. I’ll be starting the series next week and I think I’ll sprinkle in some Halloween posts along the way.

What I’m excited about: since April 2020 I’ve been doing Peloton yoga classes at home through their app, and this month I finally got to take an in person class with my favorite instructor. I went into the studio for a live class and my mat was closest to the instructor and I was nervous I’d fall on my face, but I did a headstand without falling, so I was pretty proud! It’s hard to get a spot for in person classes, but I’m excited to go to more when I can snag a spot!

What I’m watching/reading: we are watching a show on National Geographic called Edge of the Unknown and it’s wild! We liked the new Thor movie and are looking forward to the new Hocus Pocus movie.

Books I read this month:

  • The Love of my Life by Rosie Walsh
  • Every Summer After by Carley Fortune
  • Something Wilder by Christina Lauren

What I’m doing this weekend: We are going apple picking Saturday and have a wedding for Jon’s old roommate Sunday.

What I’m looking forward to next month: we’re going to Shenandoah National Park to see the fall foliage and do some hiking. This will be our fifth annual fall road trip. We went to Boston, Vermont, Maine, and Philly in the previous years and it’s always refreshing to get out of the city for a long weekend.

What are you looking forward to in October?

37 thoughts on “What’s Up: September 2022

  1. It is good to keep busy Lyssy, and you are certainly doing that. Looking forward to your Europe posts. Maybe next year, we will fly somewhere again. In the meantime, we are enjoying our warm fall days. Cheers. Allan

    1. Yes this year has been very busy, but that is intentional. We’re trying to make the most of our last few years before we settle down. I’m sure you’re looking forward to getting back on a plane again. Enjoy your fall!

  2. Such a lovely, cosy post! I love October as it’s the first real cosy month- love the crisp mornings and cool evenings! My husband is working away lots of the coming month so I’m looking forward to lots of cosy evenings, reading, Netflix and long walks in the countryside where I live with the dog.

    I love Germany and all things German. I’ve actually just published a series of German posts on my blog, look forward to reading about your travels in Germany and Austria.

    1. I love October too, it is so cozy! It’s finally starting to feel crisp in the evenings. Snuggled up watching Nextlix, reading, and walking with the dog sounds wonderful.

      Germany is so wonderful! I’ll have to check out your posts, it looks like we went a little more south than you did.

  3. Fall trip is a lovely tradition and a visit to Shenandoah National Park sounds amazing. Enjoy the apple picking, and I am assuming some subsequent pie baking ;). We are currently enjoying what is probably the last week of good, summer-like weather before the rains come. I love the look of your apartment, so cosy and warm.

    1. The northeast is especially beautiful in the fall! The hurricane is making it’s way up here (just rain luckily) so sadly we won’t be able to go apple picking. Enjoy the lasting nice weather! I’m sure soon we will be dreaming about the hot summer weather. Thank you, I’m excited to share the full tour 🙂

  4. Another fun filled month Lyssy. The days are definitely drawing in and I’ve just returned from Finland where the autumnal shades were beautiful. Ours here have yet to change. I’ve been to Shenandoah NP so will look forward to reading about your trip when it’s published.

    1. Wow I bet that was incredible! I agree, it seems like it’s getting dark so early here. NYC is usually the last place in the state to change color in the fall. I hope my Shenandoah posts bring back good memories 🙂

  5. You are always so busy, I wonder how you manage to work on top of all these activities.
    Like you I revisited London this summer and enjoyed having that last connection, very much remote connection, with the Queen on the news of her passing. I feel like seeing London and Buckingham again will never be the same.

    1. I left my job as a CPA to pursue my Instagram, so I have a lot more time now. That is true, it is nice to have that connection even if it’s very remote. It’s hard to imagine those places without her. She’s all we’ve ever know.

  6. I had to look up “Edge of the Unknown” since it sound a lot like the show my husband and I found this summer but the one I’m thinking of is called “Edge of the Earth.” We could not look away from these over the top sports enthusiasts who really seem almost willing to die to take their sports to the extreme (Yeah, I may not get the whole adventure/ thrill- seeking attitude of these people).

    I am interested in hearing all about your trip to VA next month; I have never thought of heading south in October but I bet that would be so pretty too. We almost always head up to NH in October.

    1. Edge of the Earth sounds awesome and very similar to what we say. When we watched Free Solo I was sweating I was so nervous for him, even though I knew how it ended.

      NH in the fall is so beautiful! I’d love to visit Woodstock one day. VA is about a five hour drive from us, so should be pretty! We are lucky to have so many pretty places to visit in the fall.

    1. The pumpkin market sure has exploded! We are looking forward to getting out in the beautiful nature 🙂

  7. We hit Europe this summer too and really enjoyed our time there. We visited seven countries in three weeks and were able to spend our last few days in London. It was soooo great to get to Europe again!

    1. It is so great to be able to travel abroad again! Seven countries is incredible, what an awesome trip! We’re finally going to go to Italy next year, it seems like almost everyone went this year.

    1. Haha yes if you flip over your headstand you could land on your back and it doesn’t alway tickle. I did that the other day but was on carpet, so it didn’t hurt, but my foot landed on my glasses and they’re a smidge crooked now. At least they fit a little better now haha

  8. Thank you for suggesting the Brown Butter & Maple Chewy Pumpkin Cookies in your Fall Bucket List 2022, Lyssy. They are delicious and a great way to kick off the season. Can’t believe how many “fall” ingredients they contain. As for this post, I couldn’t help noticing the hardcover book in the first photo, which begs the question, do you read actual books or from an e-reader, or both?

    1. I need to make that recipe soon! I’ve got my can of pumpkin waiting for me. It makes the apartment smell so good too! I only read physical books, I guess I am an old school reader. I keep my library very busy with all the books I put on hold. My library is about a 15-20 minute walk, so it’s a good reason for me to get outside some days too. I am reading The Hotel Nantucket right now and you were right, I really enjoy it! I’m about 2/3 of the way through and don’t want it to end.

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