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Hi friends, welcome back! Full disclaimer, this post will cause hunger 😉 Jon and I went on our first ever food tour this past weekend with Underground Donut Tour. They invited us to attend their Brooklyn donut tour but they also have tours in Manhattan, London, Dublin, Vancouver, Portland, Boston, Chicago, Philly, Miami, Nashville and New Orleans. The tour includes donuts at four different bakeries and a history of the area along the way. Jon and I were very excited because we have watched so many food tours on Youtube, but had never been on a food tour ourselves. We also looked forward to learning more about Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

We met our guide Justin at Doughnut Plant and we ended up being the only ones on the tour. He started the tour with a brief history of the donut in NYC and then we each got to choose a donut to try. We picked a Brooklyn Blackout and Dulce de Leche. Jon and I have been to Doughnut Plant before, but we never tried these flavors. The Tres Leches was one of our favorites of the day. It was simple, but delicious! The Brooklyn Blackout tasted like a light chocolate cake and was very scrumptious.

We then walked over to our next stop in Greenpoint and Justin explained the history of the neighborhoods along the way. Brooklyn was a manufacturing area and a dangerous place to live in the 70s and 80s. After 9/11 the area was rezoned to residential and ever since then it’s been on the rise and a hip place to live. A lot of the industrial buildings have been converted into hotels or apartments and are very desirable places to live, especially with the unbeatable views of Manhattan. It’s also a popular spot to live because it’s less expensive than Manhattan, but only one subway stop away on the L train.

Our second stop of the day was at a Polish bakery in Greenpoint called Happy Zoe Vegan Bakery. We learned that Greenpoint has the highest percent of Polish people in NYC. This bakery is entirely vegan and has gluten free donuts.  These donuts tasted more like chocolate cake and were very dense and rich. I was surprised that they were cold, but they were delicious!

Our third stop of the day was at Moe’s Doughs. They had so many delicious donuts that it was hard to choose! Our guide recommended the French Crueller and this was also one of our favorites of the day. It was so light and just melted in our mouths. We also got the Snicker’s because it just looked too irresistible. It was delicious too, but sometimes the classics just can’t be beat.

Our final stop of the day was at the famous Peter Pan donuts. This spot has been here since the 1950s and the donuts are only $1.75. This bakery is also featured in the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home. Zendaya’s character Mary Jane works here, but it looks a little different than the movie because a photographer took pictures of the bakery and then the bakery was reconstructed at the Marvel studio in Atlanta. We tried the Apple Fritter and it was delicious! We saw a s’mores one we thought about trying but our sugar levels were maxed out! (If you’re wondering, we each ate about a quarter of each donut and took the rest home)

We had such a great time on this Underground Donut Tour! Our guide was excellent and made the tour so seamless and fun. I’d highly recommend checking this tour out if you’re looking for something sweet and fun! It was a nice bonus that we had the tour to ourselves 🙂 Have you ever gone on a food tour?

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  1. Looks like a great food tour, if you restrain yourself and save some for later Lyssy. Strange the tour group was so small. Many people do not know how good food tours can be. That apple fritter looks right up our alley. Our local institution Tim Hortons has lost their way since being bought out by multinationals. I think I will try my hand at making apple fritters. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday. Allan

    1. It was such a fun tour, luckily we restrained ourselves pretty well. Maybe most people picked an earlier tour, we did a 2pm one. I think this will encourage us to do more food tours. I almost signed us up for one in Montmartre, but we already had a jam packed schedule. There was a Time Hortons in my town in Michigan and I always loved those Tim Bits. Happy baking!

  2. Never been on a food your largely because I’m not keen on group activities and there’s no guarantee that it’d just be the two of us – lucky you! I prefer investigating on my own.

    1. We partake in group tours every once in a while. Sometimes I think they’re more interesting than an audio guide. We did get lucky to have the tour with just us two!

  3. Wow – not sure I’d manage all those donuts!
    We’ve done 2 Food tours in NYC – The first was in Greenwich Village which was great because we always tend to eat in midtown whenever we visit. We also did the Food Truck tour one lunchtime in lower Manhatten a few years later – that was good fun also…

    1. Those tours sound amazing! It’s a good way to explore different parts of the city and get a variety of food 🙂

    1. We hardly ever eat donuts, so we had to pace ourselves to prevent a huge sugar coma. The apple fritter was delicious!

  4. Donut bonanza, they all look amazing. We don’t really do food tours, but this is quite an interesting concept with a bit history mixed in with the donuts. Luckily, I am eating a piece of cake at the moment, so I’m able to control my donut cravings.

    1. It was very hard to pick which donuts to order they all looked so good! It was nice to walk in between the donut shops too. The mix of history was neat and we’d never been to Greenpoint before. Cake is always a good idea 🙂

    1. It was so fun and delicious! Hope you can attend a donut tour soon. I’ll have to look into more food tours, they’re a great time!

  5. We were in Amsterdam a few years ago and went on a food tour. Like you we were lucky enough to be the only participants. We started with their famous profiteroles (silver dollar pancakes) in a restaurant very much like an IHOP. Next, a well known cheese shop, where you can even take classes on all things cheese. Finally, a pub for Dutch food and drink. Our guide gave us a lot of city history but we also had enough time to talk to him on a personal level, which was just as interesting. If you ever get there, do the food tour!

    1. That sounds amazing! I’d love to visit Amsterdam one day and eat all of the stroop waffles. It’s a good way to learn about the city from a more local and less polished perspective. A personal food tour is the best way to do it 🙂

  6. Wow, those donuts look amazing! You may have convinced me to take a tour when I’m over in New Orleans! I think the simple donuts taste the best – the extravagant ones look great but are too flavorful! The Dulce de Leches looks delicious!

    1. They were all so delicious! You just can’t beat a classic donut. I hope you can join a tour one day, it was a lot of fun 🙂

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