The High Line Spring Tour 2023

Hi friends, welcome back! Even though it doesn’t feel like it, it’s still technically spring and visiting the High Line was on my Spring Bucket List. I had to look it up and I somehow haven’t blogged about the High Line since November 2021 when I did a fall tour. There have been some new art installations since my last visit, so thought I’d take a stroll south this time starting in Hudson Yards and ending in the Meatpacking District. Unfortunately the Air Quality Index was about 150 (normally around 15-25) because of the forest fires in Quebec, so that’s why there are no blue skies. This was from our window later in the day when the smoke got worse. When the sun was setting it looked a bit brown outside like a dystopian movie.

I took the subway to 34th Street Penn Station and walked a few avenues west to 10th. On my way I discovered a new addition to the High Line set to open in June 2023, so any day now. This bridge will connect Hudson Yards to Moynihan Train Hall and Penn Station making it easier and safer for commuters. If you’re interested you can read about the connection here and watch a timelapse video of the bridge being craned into place.

It’s hard to miss this new bright pink tree called Old Tree by Pamela Rosenkranz. It is not a promotion for the Barbie movie, but “animates myriad historical archetypes wherein the tree of life connects heaven and earth.The tree’s sanguine color resembles the branching systems of human organs, blood vessels, and tissue, inviting viewers to consider the indivisible connection between human and plant life. Old Tree evokes metaphors for the ancient wisdom of human evolution as well as a future in which the synthetic has become nature. On the High Line—a contemporary urban park built on a relic of industry—Old Tree raises questions about what is truly “artificial” or “natural” in our world. Made of man-made materials and standing at a height of 25 feet atop the Plinth, it provides a social space, creating shade while casting an ever-changing, luminous aura amid New York’s changing seasons.” There’s no way I could paraphrase that ha! The tree will be on display until Fall 2024 and it really makes a statement.

From the tree you can turn right to get to Hudson Yards to see the Vessel, do some shopping, or grab a bite to eat. I usually only visit this area around the holidays or to attend a Peloton class.

The Highline is as much an outdoor art exhibit as it is an elevated sidewalk. There’s sculptures, murals, plant life, and luxury apartments to discreetly peek into. I appreciate how they kept the original tracks as part of the sidewalk.

This mural called NYC LOVE by Nina Chanel Abney “celebrates the feeling of first arriving in New York City”. This mural will be available until Fall 2023.

Another art commission is The wind blows where it wishes by Garbriel Chaile. I thought this pot was cute, and there was a slight breeze so I think I could hear it playing.

Someone living along the High Line has a sense of humor.

I’m always intrigued by the interesting looking buildings, but I wouldn’t want to live on such display. I’d feel like a zoo animal.


The High Line ends in the Meatpacking District, perfect for stopping into Chelsea Market or visiting Little Island afterwards (hint hint).

Hope you enjoyed this tour of the High Line! I love this path, but clearly don’t visit it enough. Stay tuned for a tour of Little Island 🙂

22 thoughts on “The High Line Spring Tour 2023

    1. We used to live in Hudson Yards and would take the path down to Chelsea/meatpacking for dinner. I believe they’re making one more addition so the path reaches a park along the Hudson River, but that will take a few years.

  1. Love the Highline. We were on it in 2013 and it is such a neat park to have in a big city. The Pink Tree is a hard to miss addition and the new bridge will certainly add access. Thanks for sharing Lyssy and have a great day. Allan

    1. It’s such a great spot! A lot has changed since 2013. I’m glad the city is creative with how they use their limited space.

    1. Yay, it’s a must see! They do a great job maintaining it and I enjoy the rotating sculpture collection.

  2. We live close to Toronto and have been dealing with poor air quality from all the smoke and haze as well. Thankfully the conditions are expected to improve over the weekend. We’ve walked along the High Line a couple of times. It’s a great spot to go for a stroll (when it’s not too busy) and appreciate nature, art and architecture. Great shots.

    1. Today is the first day it looks normal outside, the smoke was wild! It felt like living in an end of world movie at times. I agree, it’s hard to enjoy the stroll when the High Line is busy. Then I get sidewalk rage haha

  3. I’m happy to point out there has only been one reference to Old Tree in your comments so far. I also appreciate the fact you started with Old Tree so I could get it out of my head by the time I got to the end of your post. Hard pass. Everything about the High Line is beautiful… except Old Tree 🙂

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