Little Island NYC Spring 2023

Hi friends, welcome back! After walking along the High Line, I made my way over to Little Island on Pier 55. This park is free to visit and spans two acres atop unique, concrete tulip pods. To learn more about the history and construction of this pier, you can read my prior post here. Little Island also has a History Audio Tour narrated by Tony Award Winner André De Shields you can listen to on your phone while exploring the island.

I love all the greenery and wonderful smells, it’s a nice break from the city sidewalks across the street.


I also enjoy walking along the paths to see the different views of NYC. I visited as the wildfire smoke was starting to invade NYC, but I could still see most of the landmarks.


Hudson Yards to the north.

Lower Manhattan to the south.

Pier 57 which I blogged about here.

If all the sightseeing and walking makes you hungry, you can grab a bite or a refreshment from one of the food trucks.

In the summer Little Islands hosts free events for kids and they also have performances at night in the Amphitheater. I haven’t made it to a performance yet, but it’s on my list!

Hope you enjoyed this tour of Little Island! If you’re in the area it’s definitely worth crossing the street to explore this unique park.

24 thoughts on “Little Island NYC Spring 2023

  1. Hi, Lyssy. Your photos are so beautiful and so is the Little Island. With its wonderful greenery, open spaces and viewpoints, it is every photographer’s dream. Thanks for sharing and take care 🙂 Aiva xx

    1. Thank you! It really is a great spot for photography, lots of variety. Hope you have a great week 🙂

  2. Such a beautiful little oasis Lyssy. Maybe next time I make it to NYC, I’ll get to see it. Thanks for sharing and have a great Monday. Allan

    1. They do a great job maintaining the park. It’s definitely worth a walk around with your camera 🙂

    1. They really are getting creative with parks and space. It’s interesting to see the ideas they come up with.

    1. You’ll have to add it to your itinerary when you visit 🙂 It is a neat little park!

    1. The wildfire smoke was wild! It really felt like we were living in an end of world movie.

  3. Little Island looks like a lovely spot to wander around and enjoy nature and the views of the NYC skyline. I’ll have to add this to my list for the next time we’re in the area as it definitely looks like something I’d enjoy.

    1. You’d definitely enjoy this, it’s a relaxing spot and the views and scenery can’t be beat.

  4. Worth another (Lyssy) go-around! Your photos beg the question: is the walk through Little Park circuitous or can you choose from several paths? I can’t tell if you simply follow the same path as everyone else or choose your own to see the bulk of the park. It’s a remarkable oasis (good word). Also, the graffiti in the early photo somehow doesn’t both me. It seems very “organized” along the wall 🙂

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