What’s Up: October 2021

Hi friends, welcome back! October is almost over, and I can confidently say I made the most out of the month. We did all the fall things and spent a long weekend exploring Philadelphia. The temperatures are cooling in NYC and I’m impatiently waiting for the leaves to change in Central Park. I’m already seeing news about the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and Bryant Park Christmas Village, so as much as I love fall and Halloween, I’m very much looking forward to Christmas in the city this year. So lots of holiday cheer coming your way the next two months – I’ll try to hold off until mid-November 😉

On to my post 🙂 I’ve been linking up with my first and favorite blogger I ever read, Shay Shull, for my What’s Up posts. Each month I’m answering the following questions:

What I’m eating: I’ll be posting my monthly recap on Friday 🙂 here’s a sneak peak at some of my favorite Halloween/fall themed treats we’ve had.

Pumpkin Pecan Pie and a Sticky Bun from Poshpop Bake Shop

Halloween Bagel from The Bagel Store

Cookies N’ Scream from Schmackery’s

Halloween cupcakes from Sprinkles

Trixy Treat from Mister Dips

What I’m reminiscing about: Decorating my parents’ house for Christmas! It makes me so happy putting out all the holiday decor, but last year I didn’t make it home until Christmas, so I couldn’t decorate. Three years ago when I decorated their house I had planned to watch my cousin’s Golden Retriever puppy, but we didn’t tell my dad, so I walked in the house pretending to surprise him with a puppy and he just about had a heart attack. Good times ha! If you need a laugh you can read about it here– who could resist that little face!!

What I’m loving: outside our kitchen window we look down at a plaza, and there’s always something going on down there. One day they were filming West World, one weekend there was a car show, on Thursdays they put up a projector and screen a movie, and by 4pm during the week it’s full of kids running around after school. It reminds me how much I love living in NYC

What I’m Up to: all the fall and Halloween things!! I’ve made my spooky gingerbread house, visited cider mills, decorated the apartment, ate lots of fall treats, and saw all of the NYC Halloween decor. I’ve had a festive month to say the least!

What I’m working on: planning my Christmas in the city so I don’t miss anything – if there’s anything you want me to post about let me know!!

What I’m excited about: CHRISTMAS IN NYC!

As you can see, I’ve always loved Christmas!

My favorite post of the month: The Great Pumpkin Blaze! I’d been looking forward to this for years, and it didn’t disappoint! Such a great way to start off the spooky season

What I’m watching/reading: we started watching Seinfeld on Netflix, neither of us had seen it before, and we love watching it before bed. Perfect show to wind down to and I’ll finally be able to understand everyones references to it. I already miss Ted Lasso now that the season is over. We’re also watching lots of football, both our teams (MSU & U of M) are looking pretty good this year…

Books I read this month:

  • Open Book by Jessica Simpson – I had a hard time putting this down, it was a lot deeper than I thought
  • Where the Grass is Green and the Girls are Pretty by Lauren Weisberger
  • The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren – I really liked this one if you need a light, fun read
  • The Push by Ashley Audrain – good sort of slightly psychological thriller
  • The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

What I’m doing this weekend: maybe a trip to Central Park to see the leaves, watching football, making some chili and watching Hocus Pocus on Halloween. Here’s a throwback Halloween picture for you all 🙂

What I’m looking forward to next month: celebrating Thanksgiving and the Christmas season in NYC! Last year we didn’t see all the NYC trees, so this year I’ll definitely be making up for lost time!!

What are you looking forward to most in November?

18 thoughts on “What’s Up: October 2021

  1. That is a lot of Hallowe’en goodies Lyssy. NYC looks like an exciting place to be for sure. Hope the Nor’Easter does not affect your area too much. Thanks for sharing. Allan

    1. Always something going on in NYC! Thank you! We had lots of rains and strong winds today, but luckily no power outages.

    1. Thank you! Very hard to balance food blogging with staying fit 😂 we do workout consistently and walk a lot so that helps!

  2. The anticipation is clearly building. Colour seems to matter a lot in the choice of food. I had not yet seen Jean Dubuffet’s sculpture from this angle.

    1. Yes I tried to get the most festive looking foods 👻🎃 I walk under that statue a few times a week, I had no idea he was the artist!

  3. All the festive food looks so fun and delicious!!! And I would spend hours staring down at your courtyard. It looks like all the fun is happening there!

    1. When they film something it seems like it takes an hour to film a 30 second scene and it’s so hard to tear myself away for fear I might miss it ha!

  4. Epic comeback win by the Spartans over the Wolverines last Saturday, Lyssy! (and on that note, nice throwback costume). I’ll bet East Lansing was rocking into the wee hours. Also, this is probably the right post to thank you for recommending “The Things We Cannot Say”. What an amazing story, bridging the past and the present. Instantly one of my favorite WWII-genre reads (and I’ve read a lot of them). Much appreciated!

    1. I couldn’t believe they came back to win! I tried not to be too excited for Jons sake 😂 I was at MSU when they won the big 10 championship and clinched a trip to the rose bowl and we headed to cedar village to see the shenanigans haha. Yay so glad you liked the book, it was one of my favorites this year! I liked how it all tied together at the end.

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