Foodie Friday October 2021

Hi friends, welcome back to another addition of my monthly series showcasing all of my delicious eats during the month. As you know, one of my favorite parts of living in NYC is the abundance of incredible food, and I’ve been on a mission to try all of the best places and share my finds along the way. Disclaimer: these posts will cause hunger 🙂 If you want to stay up to date on all the foodie finds, you can follow my food Instagram here.

I couldn’t stay away from Dominique Ansel Bakery in October. We tried their Salted Pretzel Ganache & Milk Chocolate Ganache Cronut and this is my favorite flavor so far.

Mini-Me Cake -Four-textured chocolate cake topped with our “Mini Me’s” (miniature meringues) – this tasted so rich and fudgey

Peanut Butter Caramel Drop – Chocolate dacquoise cake in a chocolate tart shell, caramel crémeux, peanut butter mousse, a salted caramel center, cinnamon peanuts

We had some Pad Thai takeout and a sushi roll from Arbor Bistro and washed it down with a Pumpkin Cider from Trader Joe’s that I would recommend! We tried the pumpkin seltzer from TJ’s but it tasted gross so I’d recommend avoiding that one

The following day we went to Bridgeview Tavern for delicious burgers and drinks

I celebrated my food Instagrams one year anniversary with cupcakes from Sprinkles! We got sprinkles, red velvet, salty caramel, and Reese’s Peanut Butter cup Cupcake. The red velvet was my favorite.

Consumed MANY cider mill donuts – stay tuned for all our Philly eats 🙂

I made a spooky charcuterie board and Halloween cookies

I was invited to dinner at Chelsea House NYC – more to come in a separate post 🙂 We loved their crispy salmon bites.

We spent the afternoon at the Beer Garage, a sister bar to Wild BK – more to come on this too 🙂

Poshpop Bake Shop invited me to try their fall goodies – I’ll be back to check out more. I have my eye on their caramel frosted blondie.

In case you missed my What’s Up Post, to celebrate Halloween we got Spooky cookies from Schmackery’s, Cupcakes from Sprinkles, Trixy Treat from Mister Dips, and a Halloween Bagel from The Bagel Store. 

We went to Smorgasburg at World Trade Center and shared a margarita pizza with pepperoni from Wood Fired Edibles and a potato K-Dog (Korean hot dog) from Oh K-Dog NYC. The pizza was my favorite of the two, I’m not a hotdog fan, but I wanted to try one because they look so intriguing haha

Now for some home cooking… there was quite a bit this month! Jon made me some beef empanadas, pasta and meatballs (I helped), BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches, enchiladas, and crispy tacos


Jon also made a Detroit Style Pizza that tasted delicious, he even bought a special pan!

This is our usual weeknight dinner – salmon or chicken, and lots of veggies, with a cookie for dessert 🙂

I’ve been using this on my salmon and it tastes great!

What was your favorite foodie find this month?



13 thoughts on “Foodie Friday October 2021

  1. The Peanut Butter Caramel Drop may be the most elegant dessert I’ve ever seen (esp. wi the gold-leaf topping and a word like “dacquoise” to describe it). How much did it cost, and is that a serving for one or many?

    1. I think it was the fanciest desert I’d ever had, it was about the size of your palm so best split between two people because it was so rich. It cost 8.75, so not outrageous haha.

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