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Hi friends, welcome back! I alluded to quite a few future restaurant posts in my Foodie Friday posts, and now I’m finally getting back to them. Last fall I was invited to check out Chelsea House NYC, a new seafood restaurant located in you guessed it, Chelsea. Jon and I went on a Thursday night and it wasn’t super crowded so we could enjoy our meal in peace. The menu is quite expansive so it was a little tricky narrowing down what to order (foodie problems).

We started with some drinks, I couldn’t decide between a Very Berry Margarita or Blackberry Mojito, so I got the margarita and Jon ordered the mojito. Both tasted delicious and looked equally pretty!

We had the hardest time choosing the appetizers, but we ended up getting the Crispy Crab Cakes and Crispy Salmon Bites. I would’ve ordered the truffle fries if we hadn’t just had them the week before in Philadelphia.

Both appetizers tasted so delicious, and I loved the dipping sauce they came with, a perfect start to the meal. The crab cakes were the size of a large burger patty, I’d never seen crab cakes so large!! I preferred the salmon bites, but Jon liked the crab cakes better. You could easily share these appetizers among four people.

For entrees I went with my usual Grilled Atlantic Salmon and I loved the ginger sesame soy glaze they prepared it with. I chose garlic broccoli for my side to balance out all of the fried goodness from the appetizers.

Jon ordered the New York Strip Steak with a side of garlic butter noodles that tasted great.

I was so full from this meal that I had to take half my salmon home, but it tasted great the next day. I definitely regretted wearing jeans with no stretch ha! We had a great time dining at the Chelsea House and enjoyed everything we ordered. I’d say this is about mid-point price wise in NYC. This restaurant didn’t make it into my elusive top list of restaurants, but it’s still a fun place worth checking out!

18 thoughts on “Chelsea House NYC

    1. Salmon never seems to disappoint when I order it, we had a great meal here 🙂

    1. I didn’t expect such large portions, but I am never disappointed when I get them 🙂

  1. It all looks so delicious Lyssy. Those appies were huge. Sometimes when we go to a restaurant with great appies, our meal is a bunch of appies, rather than appies and a main. Thanks for sharing. Allan

    1. The portions were massive at this place! Appetizers do make for a great meal sometimes 🙂

    1. I had forgotten how big the servings were! But I didn’t forget how full I was after ha!

  2. Living in Colorado I couldn’t help noticing Coors Light on the beers “imports” list. Is Chelsea its own country? 🙂

    1. Haha that is funny! I didn’t even notice that. Chelsea might think it’s its own country ha!

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