Bridgeview Tavern – Sleepy Hallow, NY

Hi friends, welcome back! Before Jon and I walked through the Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze, we first had to fill up on dinner. We had never dined in the Hudson Valley before, so I was excited to check out Yelp and find a great restaurant to try. I ultimately decided on Bridgeview Tavern in Sleepy Hollow (spooky!) because the menu looked great and it had a 4.5-star rating with over 800 reviews.

As you can imagine, Sleepy Hallow is an incredibly popular destination in October, so we were worried about finding parking. Luckily, Bridgeview Tavern has a free parking lot across the street, because Jon and I were going to become hangry soon. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations so after we parked, we waited in line for a table. The hostess was incredibly communicative and said it would be about twenty or thirty minutes. We had time to kill before the blaze, so we waited and enjoyed the fresh air and nice fall day.

Jon and I were seated inside and started with some warm soft pretzels with a Belgian Ale spicy mustard dipping sauce. Perfect appetizer for two hungry people.

I ordered the Red Wine Sangria and it looked like a very festive drink for Halloween. Jon went with “The Local” – Old Forrester bourbon, lemon juice, Fly Honey Farms honey simple syrup on the rocks. I tried a sip of his and it had a very smoky taste.

I ordered the Pulled Pork sandwich on a toasted brioche bun with homemade BBQ sauce and a side of massive fries. This tasted delicious and I especially loved that the bun was toasted perfectly so it never mushed into the sandwich. I hate when a bun gets all mushy with a burger and you can see your finger prints in it – not the case here!

Jon ordered the Wild Boar Chorizo Burger with all-natural wild boar chorizo, melted pepper jack cheese, bacon jam, and sautéed onion with a side of garlic fries. I tried some of his fries and they tasted like they had pesto on them, so yummy!

After dinner we walked down to the Sleepy Hallow Lighthouse and even saw some stars, a rarity in NYC!

We had such a great meal at Bridgeview Tavern and agreed we would definitely come back if we were in the area. The service was excellent, the food was even better, and the atmosphere was very relaxed and fun. Another benefit of eating outside the city is that the tables feel like miles away from each other ha! I’d HIGHLY recommend checking out Bridgeview Tavern in Sleepy Hallow, you won’t’ be disappointed!

22 thoughts on “Bridgeview Tavern – Sleepy Hallow, NY

  1. Oh lord Lyssy, that food. It all looks wondrous, right down to the drinks. But it’s the pulled pork that most gets my stomach rumbling. I love the idea of garlicky pesto-like fries, I wish more restaurants were a little more daring with the way they service fries.

    1. The pulled pork was so good, still thinking about it 😂 I agree about the fries, they didn’t even charge extra to have different kind of fries. Most places even charge more for a sweet potato fry

    1. Haha Jon loves chorizo, but it’s not my favorite. He likes to put it on his pizza when he makes it

  2. I came to Sleepy Hollow to visit the Rockefeller estate, a fascinating visit, it is however a bad thing that photos are not allowed inside the house.

    1. Oh cool, I would love to see the Rockefeller estate, thanks for reminding me! That is a bummer you can’t take pictures inside the house.

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