What’s Up: August 2021

Hi friends, welcome back! It’s already time for another What’s Up post. Jon and I spent the first week of August in Michigan attending Jon’s family golf outing and celebrating my birthday. Jon and I drove back with all our remaining wedding presents and surprisingly, the drive back flew by. The middle of the month wasn’t too busy because the weather was either too hot, or stormy. We went out for ice cream, cookies, and visited Smorgasburg with friends, so no shortage of good eats this month 🙂 Tomorrow we are flying back to Michigan to celebrate my friend’s wedding, and then down to Atlanta to spend time with Jon’s family. As much as I love the summer, I can’t wait for Fall and Halloween!

On to my post 🙂 I’ve been linking up with my first and favorite blogger I ever read, Shay Shull, for my What’s Up posts. Each month I’m answering the following questions:

What I’m eating: This past weekend we went to Smorgasburg in Williamsburg with some friends and had a blast trying out new places. Smorgasburg is a weekly food market with locations around NYC with about 30-75 food stalls. This was our first time going, but won’t be our last! We started with some dumplings from Mao’s Bao, then had a beer, nachos from Takumi Taco, and then ended with a Wowfull.

What I’m reminiscing about: four Labor Days ago I visited Jon in NYC for the first time! We ate dinner at Catch, saw the Freedom Tower and memorial fountains, and walked the High Line. This was pre-blog so I don’t have very many pictures sadly. I already think we look so young in the picture below which must mean I’m getting older ha!

What I’m loving: I’ve been doing the Walk + Run classes on the Peloton app and I think it’s so fun! I go through phases with running, so maybe one day I’ll laugh at saying it’s fun, but the classes just fly by and I feel on top of the world after

My favorite post of the month: Honeymooning in Yosemite – Vernal and Nevada Falls Hike – this is by far my favorite hike I’ve ever done! Being surrounded by nature and hearing the rush of the waterfall was pure heaven!

What I’m Up to: I got a library card recently, so now I’ve become a reading machine! I’ve been placing holds on books and I get so excited to check the library app to track my progress in the hold line. Very exciting times over here, ha!

What I’m working on: finishing the wedding posts. I originally thought it’d be a quick post with lots of pictures, but once I started writing, I couldn’t stop and had to tell the whole story

What I’m excited about: FALL! I finally got tickets to The Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze that I’ve been wanting to go to for years, so I’m very excited about that. I made sure to be ahead of the game on tickets this year because the weekend tickets sell out so fast.

What I’m watching/reading: I finished All The Things We Cannot Say and thought it was a great WWII book. I also read The Two Lives of Lydia Bird and The Silent Patient in less than a week I liked them so much. Next I’m reading The Lions of Fifth Avenue  and Majesty.

We are watching Ted Lasso and really enjoy it, especially the Christmas episode! We are also on season four of Kim’s Convenience, perfect show to wind down to at night. We just got apple tv, so we are going to try out some of their shows next if you have any recommendations!

What I’m doing this weekend: I am in my best friend’s wedding and then Jon and I are flying down to Atlanta, hopefully we can fit a trip to the cider mill in between

What I’m looking forward to next month: decorating for Halloween! The decorations calling my name are getting louder by the day ha

What are you looking forward to next month?

17 thoughts on “What’s Up: August 2021

    1. When you say Arghhhh all I can think of is a Halloween pirate 😂 maybe Halloween is subconsciously on your mind ha!

      1. Haha you got me! 😉 I’m just being a grinch as we have had a poor summer here and I am hoping we have a few more decent weeks before the inevitable grey rain of October! But I do remember that you are a Halloween fan haha. Stay well! 🙂

      2. Grinch – now you must be thinking of Christmas which is only 4 months away 🙂 But I hear you, luckily my October weather is pretty good. Stay well yourself 🙂

  1. Oh did you like reading All the things we cannot say? I just came back from Normandy and since then I’m so into WWII ah! If it’s a good read, I might try it then 😉

    1. I really enjoyed it, I read it pretty quickly! I also really liked All The Light We Cannot See, that one was a bit deeper. I’d recommend both 🙂

  2. I adore Ted Lasso! Roy Kent is my absolute favorite. If wholesome Brit Comedies are your jam, and you are looking for new shows to try on Apple, Trying is an underrated gem, IMHO. It’s about this adorably relatable couple that are having trouble conceiving and decide to jump into the adoption ring. I’ll say it’s not quite as funny as Ted Lasso. But it has the same sweet, feel good tone, and will definitely make you smile.

    I also really like Physical on Apple, but it’s a bit darker fare. :). Happy watching!

    1. Roy Kent is hilarious! I wish there were ten seasons I could binge. Trying sounds like my kind of show, thanks for the recommendations! I have seen ads for Physical, I like the main actress a lot.

      Hope you’re doing well, Julie!!

    1. Haha I’m trying to use up all my credits from my cancelled Italy flights 😅 but it does feel great to travel again! I’m very over these heat waves in NYC

  3. Let’s think it is still summer, it was so hard to get there you can’t just let it go. It’s true that in Canada most of the tourist activity stops at Labour Day, but Europe seems to be on holiday all year round, the summer continues!

  4. Good to catch up with your latest shenanigans Lyssy. As usual the landscapes have me smiling and the food somewhat drooling. I absolutely love me some Chinese style dumplings!

  5. Thanks for the rec on “(All) The Things We Cannot Say”, Lyssy. For a sec I thought you meant “All The Light We Cannot See” – another good WWII book ha. I am a big fan of WWII fiction so I am always up for something new. Have you read Ray Kingfisher’s “Beyond the Shadow of Night”? The stories sound somewhat similar. Finally, I hope you and Jon are doing well with the rain/flooding in NYC. Not the best headlines from your neck of the woods 🙁

    1. I have read All The Light We Cannot See and loved it! I thought it was pretty similar to All The Things We Cannot Say. I will have to look into Beyond the Shadow of Night, thanks for the recommendation. I couldn’t believe the flooding! We were in Atlanta for the week, so missed Ida, but our building and car seem to have escaped the horrible flooding thankfully!

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