The Five Best Ice Cream Shops in NYC

Hi friends, welcome back, hope you’re all staying healthy! Jon and I got a little fresh air this weekend on our walk and were surprised not to hear one car horn. It was eerily quiet and desolate, it seems like the city is taking this quarantine seriously. Jon and I are looking forward to life going back to a new normal and being able to go out and explore again. We’ve run out of ice cream in our apartment and I’ve been dreaming of going out for ice cream when we are able to! Today I thought it would be fun to share my five favorite ice cream shops in the city, hopefully they will be opening up soon!img_8765


  1. Big Gay Ice Cream – I’ve talked about this place so many times on the blog and it’s the first place I’m going to once this quarantine is over! The ice cream is so thick and creamy and highly exceeded my expectations. They have a lot of unique ice cream cones as well that I’m looking forward to trying!HiWT3BYpTtC5dl21B2123AuL1j4%KeSg2HFkqrnJZgawFgSD263YR%aZyLHoa4rU7w
  2. Milk & Cereal BarThis ice cream was the full package for me! A standard ice cream comes with a lot of ice cream, a topping, mix-in, and a drizzle. This place is always busy and the different options seem endless! I can’t wait to go back and try more 🙂08bJYJyjQSaVVwgDBhFmvQ6mvPbSlWTe6Cw0X2Y+JZJw
  3. Emack & BolioThis ice cream shop is very cool and unique with so many different flavors and one of a kind cones. I want to go back and get one of the Oreo covered cones with a new flavor. The ice cream is also made with the highest quality ingredients so you can feel a little better about eating the massive scoops 😉VwEjPex%Sx6kNuf1W4funAzwdnqz19S269Zk5go%p8IAh2zfxn8dSeSxUbtNijruzw
  4. Morgenstern – I loved Morgenstern because it was like an old-fashioned ice cream parlor with more basic flavors, but extremely great quality ice cream. This place was super busy and for good reason! If you’re looking for some good, old-fashioned ice cream, Morgenstern is the place to go!
  5. Milk BarI went here for the cake but fell in love with the ice cream! It was so thick and creamy without being heavy and making you feel gross. This was the perfect treat with a little funfetti cake and a cool atmosphere!fullsizeoutput_27f6fullsizeoutput_2808fullsizeoutput_280c


What’s your favorite ice cream shop? I love trying out new ice cream shops, especially when I’m travelling so I would love any and all recommendations 🙂



12 thoughts on “The Five Best Ice Cream Shops in NYC

  1. We have a great one in Nice, near the Cathedral, called Finocchio which has loads of different flavours. As a vegan, I can only eat their sorbets which are lovely. Over the border in Italy, there are plenty of great individual shops. A couple even do vegan ice cream. So while you’re looking forward to ice cream, I’m looking forward to shopping for food in Italy.

    1. Yum! That sounds good! I dream of being in Italy and eating some gelato most of all 🙂 Hopefully next May I will be able to go and have gelato every day.

  2. Omg, these all look amazing!!!! We have a shop Sweet Cow throughout Boulder/Denver that we like – missing that place. Though, My pants are tight from everything else we have been eating will staying home. UGH. lol Amy’s Ice cream in Austin is Delish too.

    1. I’ll have to try those when I eventually go to Denver and Austin!! Haha it’s so hard to have will power when the kitchen is always a few steps away 🙂

  3. I don’t know if I am writing a complete documentary because a) I LOVE the topic of this blog or b) I have more time on my hands during the shut down, but our family’s vacation motto has always been “On vacation,we never make our beds and have ice cream every day.” Most often we don’t have time for that but just the thought makes us happy.

    Here are my some of my favorite places.

    1) Livonia, Northville, Plymouth border. Top of the Cone. It has a drive thru that is open during the shut down. Need I say more?

    2) Plymouth,Mi. Dairy King. It has the best strawberry shakes.

    3) Northville, MI. Custard Time. Order the small because it is so rich. There is always a long line at this place.

    4) Dunedin, Fl. Strachan’s. It is always our first stop when we drive into town each February. Plus, if you buy a tile to decorate ($10) they display it and give the money to foster children.

    5) St. George, Utah. Nielsen’s Frozen Custard.. It is a welcome treat after hiking in Zion National Park. You can also watch the custard being made.

    6) Savannah, Georgia. Leopold’s. It is famous there but then you already know about this one.

    7) St. Andrew’s, Scotland. Jannetta’s Gelatera. Another one you already know about. Their gelato shoppe is 110 years old and recently remodeled. Listen to the story of its history by the owner. She ran the shop herself at age 13 when her parents were put into a containment camp, because they were Italian, during W.W. II.

    8) Orlando, Fl. Disney Springs.Ghiradelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. You don’t have to enter the park or pay admission to eat at this incredible ice cream shoppe. Even the parking is free. Don’t worry about the long line, it moves very fast. Jerry and I split a huge sundae and still were too full for dinner.

    9) Wahpeton, North Dalota. Dairy Queen. I honestly have no memory of what the ice cream tasted like. But I took 23 second graders from the Wapheton Indian Boarding School there for a field trip while I was student teaching. The experience still haunts me.

    10) Krakow, Poland. Frozen Rolls. It is literally rolled ice cream with fresh fruit inside

    11) And Finally the BEST ICE CREAM in the world is in (sorry Michigan State but it is true)
    Pullman, Washington. Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe at WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY. It is made with real butterfat. They have been open since 1948 and sell 14,000 gallons of ice cream a year. While you are enjoying the ice cream buy a carton of world famous Cougar Gold Cheese. The longer it ages, the better. We have had a container in our refrigerator for 12 years now.

    I hope you can enjoy some of these special places too. And hope others add to my list.

    1. Thanks for the awesome comment!! I do love Top Cone, Diary King, Custard Time, Leopolds, and Janettas!! I’ll have to try out the rest if I’m ever in the area, especially Ferdinands. You haven’t led me astray so far 🙂

  4. We loved Milk when we visited. NY ice cream is sooo good. We also loved those cupcake ATMs as well!we don’t have anything like that in the UK! 😊

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