Milk Bar NYC Flagship Experience

Hi friends, welcome back! I’ve got a treat for you today so I hope you aren’t hungry! As you may have guessed or noticed, I’m all about trying the trendy desserts in NYC. Some of my favorite treats to date include: edible cookie dough from do, a massive birthday cake milkshake from Black Tap, and a s’mores filled churro cone from The Stackery.  I discovered Milk Bar from some drool-worthy Instagram pictures of colorful cake slices and soft serve ice cream and I knew I had to try it! I was very curious to see if it would live up to the hype…


Two weeks ago Jon and I completed our pre-marital counseling course, so we figured cake and ice cream from Milk Bar was the perfect way to celebrate! There are a handful of locations in the city, but we went to the Flagship location on Broadway and 29thstreet. The Flagship is unique because they have a build your own cookie bar, a mini shop, and they offer baking classes.


We were waiting in a short line (shocking!) and there were so many goodies on display! One of each please!


I researched the menu ahead of time and knew exactly what to order, one slice of B’Day Cake and a cup of Milk Bar Pie ice cream.


I was most excited for the ice cream and it did not disappoint! It was very thick like custard and full of delicious flavor, but at the same time it seemed fresh and light. The menu describes it as “A buttery, salty-sweet homage to our signature ooey, gooey pie. Rich, creamy, and custard-y” if that helps describe the ice cream or you can just try for yourself! We got a generous serving in our one cup, I was pleasantly surprised. I’d definitely come back just to get the Milk Bar Pie ice cream again and to try the cereal milk flavor. You can also add mix-ins, but I kept it simple.


Jon and I got a fresh slice of cake and it was almost too pretty to eat! I loved the frosting, it wasn’t that fake sugary frosting, it was rich and tasted a little bit like cream cheese frosting. The cake was a little different since the outside isn’t covered in frosting it’s a little drier on the edges. I also tasted some little cookie dough bits in there. Jon and I shared a slice and it was plenty without getting hit with a sugar rush. I would recommend ordering things to share like we did so you get the best of both worlds.


Afterwards, we wandered around the shop and came across this BEAUTIFUL cake wall. I wanted to try a bite of each! Milk Bar cakes are pretty famous, but to buy one they’ll set you back a pretty penny. A 6” cake costs $50 and a 10” cake costs $110. That would be quite an expensive bite 😉


Final thoughts: Milk Bar definitely lived up to the hype! Both the cake and ice cream were delicious and I’m willing to bet all the other treats are too. Don’t be surprised to see a follow up post from me 🙂 Milk Bar also has locations in LA, DC, Boston, Las Vegas, and Toronto so if you live in any of those areas definitely check it out!

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