Full Body Workout #2

I’ve got  another fully body workout for you to try on your own. What I love about full body workouts is that there’s so much variety in exercises. I always like to pick my favorite exercise for each body part, but it’s good to switch it up to reduce boredom and trick the body a little. Whenever I really switch up my workouts I’m always so sore the next few days! Full body workouts are also great because they give different muscle groups a longer rest period between exercises and minimizes muscle fatigue.


  • 5 minute walk/warmup
  • Dumbbell Squat: 4×12
    • Superset: Dumbbell Swing: 4×10
  • Lat Pull: 4×12
  • Shoulder Press: 4×12
  • Bicep Curl: 4×12
    • Superset: Tricep Overhead Rope Extension
  • Straight Leg Dumbbell Deadlift: 4×12

Dumbbell Squat:

Dumbbell Swing:

Lat Pull:

Shoulder Press:

Tricep Overhead Rope Extension:

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