Lyssy’s Eats: Shiro

Jon flew in to see me for Easter, so last Friday we had a much needed sushi date night. We hadn’t seen each other for about six weeks, and during that time we always talked about getting sushi, so needless to say we were excited.

We went to Shiro in Novi. I have been there before I started liking sushi and just had their salmon, but after having their sushi, it was one of the top places I’ve been to. The other time I’d been to Shiro was actually with Jon’s sister which I thought was funny.

Shiro doesn’t look like your typical restaurant, it’s in an old house so we felt like we were walking into a fancy dinner party 😂

They told us the sushi would take about an hour and we were both on the verge of hanger, so we got these two appetizers. They were both really delicious. They had so many options it was hard to choose!

For the sushi rolls we always order four, five rolls might cause me to explode from fullness. (The food baby after four is ok, but five would be pushing it.)  We always order a rainbow roll and some kind of dragon roll because those are my favorites. Jon picked the other two which were Salmon on the Beach and the house Shakey Shakey Boom Boom roll.

We like getting two more extravagant rolls and then two more simple rolls so that we can cleanse our palate in between. I like the simplicity of the rainbow roll, and the more decadent rolls are a good complement. There’s a lot of strategy that goes into our sushi order.

We ate every single bite and had the biggest food coma afterwards! We were so full that we had to lay down afterwards, but it was definitely worth it. We also loved having so much space by our table, that’s not a thing in nyc 😂

Consensus: Shiro has the BEST sushi we’ve had so far

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