Weekly Workouts 4/9 – 4/15

This week I finally had some great workouts ๐Ÿ™‚ I increased the amount of sets I did from last week and was able to complete all my reps. Over the weekend I added in more accessory movements after my main lifts and enjoyed not having to work all weekend. I put that extra time to good use at the gym.

With summer coming around the corner it’s time to add in a little bit of cardio and really focus on my nutrition. I’m going to be switching up my program soon to separate my big lifts on different days so that I can add in more accessory movements. Right now I’m so tired after my squat and deadlift workouts that all I can do is walk on the treadmill. I’m excited to add in more accessories and more variety to my weekly workouts.

I switched up my first two workouts this week because my legs were so sore from the hip thrusts! There was no way I could get through a squat workout. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been that sore.

Workouts this week:

  • Monday: complete off day
  • ย Tuesday:
    • Bench: 105# 4×5
    • Dumbbell Twist Press: 20# 4×8
    • DB shoulder press: 20# 4×8
    • Lateral raise: 7.5# 4×8
  • Wednesday:
    • Squat 150# 4×7
    • Deadlift: 185# 4×5
  • Thursday: walk and stretch
  • Friday:
    • Deadlift: 205# 3×2 AMRAP 4
    • Squat: 160# 4×5
  • Saturday:
    • Bench: 110 4×3 AMRAP 4
    • Incline Bench: 75# 4×8
    • Tricep extension
    • Bicep Curls
    • Cable Chest Fly: 25 4×8
  • Sunday:
    • Squat: 170# 4×3, AMRAP 6
    • Hip Thrusts: 105# 5×8
    • Straight Leg deadlift: 105# 4×8
      • Superset: KB Goblet Squat: 25# 4×8

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