What’s Up: September 2021

Hi friends, welcome back! Can you believe it’s almost October? We started September in Atlanta spending time with Jon’s family and have spent the rest of the month getting back into a routine. We’ve been enjoying the slightly cooler weather in the city, and are trying to take full advantage while we can. One weekend, we went to the Starbucks Reserve in Meatpacking District and enjoyed some delicious coffee flights on the patio.  We walked about two miles home and it felt like the best way to start the day. We also went to The Emily for lunch the following weekend which I’ll be sharing soon 🙂 Jon and I ended the month with a relaxing afternoon on Governors Island. NYC feels pretty much back to normal, and we are having a blast exploring our city again!

On to my post 🙂 I’ve been linking up with my first and favorite blogger I ever read, Shay Shull, for my What’s Up posts. Each month I’m answering the following questions:

What I’m eating: Jon and I have been cooking healthier meals during to week to balance out all the calorific food we eat on the weekend. Lots of salmon, sweet potatoes, salad, and homemade  tacos. I also am back on my smoothie kick now that we have our coveted blender we registered for two years ago ha!

What I’m reminiscing about: Last October Jon and I went on an East Coast Road Trip and loved Acadia National Park! I’m itching to go hiking again and see the fall foliage

What I’m loving: this is very random, but I found a 10-hour fall jazz playlist on Youtube and it’s the most relaxing thing I’ve ever heard. I keep it on in the background whenever I’m on my laptop and it just sounds so soothing. The playlist and a cup of tea makes for the perfect fall moment

What I’m Up to: Eating incredible food so I can post about it on my food Instagram. I love taking food pictures, so it’s been fun researching cool places to try out. One of my favorite pictures I took the last month is of this Cronut from Dominique Ansel. I am going to start doing a “Lyssy in the City Eats” post at the end of the month to feature all the foods that I ate during the month because they don’t always end up on the blog

What I’m working on: planning a long weekend trip to Philadelphia! Neither of us have been so we’re excited to explore and eat a philly cheesesteak or two. I booked a historic walking tour and a tour of Independence Hall, but let me know if you have any Philly recommendations!

What I’m excited about: all the fall things! This summer has been a heat wave so I’m excited for cooler weather so I can break out my cozy sweatshirts and not feel like I need a shower after running errands. I’m so excited to see the leaves change in Central Park and hopefully go hiking one weekend

My favorite post of the month: Our wedding posts 🙂 the day was so magical and I am so appreciative of everyone’s support on my posts!

What I’m watching/reading:

We are watching Ted Lasso still and absolutely love it. We are also watching The Morning Show and lots of football!

Books I read this month – I’m not joking about having fun with my library card:

  • American Royals II: Majesty by Katharine McGee
  • The Housewives: The Real Story Behind The Real Housewives by Brian Moylan
  • The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger
  • Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner
  • The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth
  • Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid

What I’m doing this weekend: we are seeing The Great Pumpkin Blaze! I am so excited to see all of the intricately carved pumpkins and check out the Hudson Valley a bit more

What I’m looking forward to next month: all the Halloween things! I’m excited to work on my Fall Bucket List and cross off as many festive activities as possible!

What are you looking forward to in October??

17 thoughts on “What’s Up: September 2021

  1. A great summary Lyssy. Love the fall foliage tour shots and the NY shots. We are deep in autumn here right now and the weather and foliage are phenomenal. Eating a giant cinnamon bun as I look at your cronut. Ahhh, sweet foods. Stay well. Allan

    1. Thank you! It’s still pretty green here, it seems there’s a day or two of pretty leaves and then it’s snowing ha. A cinnamon bun sounds delicious!! Thanks for reading Allan, stay well yourself 🙂

  2. I love your photos from Acadia National Park! If you are in the Philly area a couple ideas are to explore center city, the Reading Terminal is awesome, and Spruce Street Harbor Park is great for by the water views. Our favorite restaurants here are The Dandelion and Front Street Cafe. You will love Philly there is honestly a ton to do here 😁

  3. “Calorific food” – love that. Also, you divulged the secret of how you & Jon look so good but still get to eat pizza and other diet-breakers: eat super-healthy during the week and then indulge on the weekends! But I’m guessing you work out a ton as well.

    Looking forward to hearing about “The Emily”.

    1. Yes I think we live by the whole 80/20 rule when it comes to food. We also love to workout, it’s just habit to us, and try to walk most places to get steps in. I did drink the peloton koolaide too 😂

    1. Next weeks posts will bring some Halloween cheer 🙂 Thank you for the recommendations! I have heard of Wawa, oh yes the Rocky steps!

  4. That Acadia sunrise photo is incredible! Sounds like a great month, and I can’t wait to read about your recent and upcoming adventures.

  5. I love the jazz playlist! I have it on at the office and it’s a nice change of pace from what I traditionally listen to at the office. Grabbed a coffee and ready to tackle this Friday!

    1. So glad you love it! I agree it’s a nice change of pace from what I usually listen to as well. Sounds like you’re going to have an awesome Friday!

  6. I’m belatedly catching up on my What’s Up Wednesday reading 🙂 Oh, I want to go to Philly. I haven’t been in years and a trip there sounds perfect!

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