2020 NYC Financial District Apartment Tour

Hi friends, welcome back and come on in! This month is the two-year anniversary of Jon and I moving into our apartment, so I think an updated apartment tour is most fitting! We’ve slowly been making the apartment more homey and complete, and I absolutely love our NYC apartment. Pottery Barn is my biggest decoration inspiration and I also love to fill our space with personalized touches from Etsy. You can check out an empty tour here, and the latest tour here.

When Jon and I first looked at this apartment, it was love at first sight! We loved the open layout and all of the natural light. We looked at some two bedrooms in our building, but none of them had the same wow factor.

My favorite space in the apartment is this large gallery wall. I love decorating this table and being able to see our favorite engagement pictures. This gallery wall was the missing piece to making our apartment feel complete. Everything on the table is from Pottery Barn, with the exception of the print that we bought in Lake Placid.


These lanterns are one of my favorite purchases, they’re so cozy! I bought timer candles, so the lanterns go on every night automatically and turn off around bedtime.

I love that the kitchen is so open and spacious, it makes the apartment seem huge! I like being able to see the entire apartment from the kitchen as well, it makes the space seem larger.

The view in our kitchen is spectacular and is our favorite thing about this apartment. I love having so much natural light and being able to decorate this windowsill. We also get to view some gorgeous sunsets out this window.I got these lemons from Etsy here, they were so hard to find! I am excited to fill up this vase with holiday goodies soon 🙂

Spoon rests are another favorite decoration of mine, and I had this one designed on Etsy too.

This couch is 10 feet x 10 feet and I never appreciated how large that is until we looked at a two-bedroom and it wouldn’t’ have fit. Crazy! This couch is the Harmony from West Elm and it’s the best purchase we ever made! The couch is so roomy and comfy!

The view from our living room faces north, so we can see the East River and all the way to the Chrysler Building.

Our little “office” area has been a savior this quarantine! We recently got this new chair and it’s been so great during my long busy season hours. These days I’m at the desk from 8-7:30 while Jon is usually able to work on the couch. If he needs to use the desk, then I improvise and convert the entry way table into a desk.

The bathroom is the door straight ahead, the washer/dryer is the door on the right, and the bedroom is on the left.

Last but not least is the front entrance. We have a coatrack where we keep our shoes, and then we keep the Peloton in this area. Currently, Jon and I don’t go in and out often, so the bike isn’t in our way. We scoot it against the wall when we need to, but so far it’s been fine.

I had this sign made on Etsy to put by the front door, I think it’s so cute and sentimental.

Hope you all enjoyed the tour! See you next week 🙂

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    1. Thank you! It’s a very cool city to live in! I am afraid of getting bored when we head to the burbs one day 😅

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