Financial District (Empty) Apartment Tour

Can’t think of anything better for my 100th post! 😀 🎉

We have been in our apartment for a few weeks now and absolutely love it! It’s not totally finished, but I wanted to share some pictures of before we moved in. The day that we went was very cloudy and overcast so these pictures don’t do the apartment justice because there’s SO much natural light! We are on a corner, so we have so many windows in the kitchen and living room, and also the bedroom. In case you missed our old apartment tour in Hudson Yards, you can catch up here 🙂


A little back story on how we decided on this apartment:

We had to know by July 31st whether or not to renew our old lease, and we had been kind of looking around and decided we weren’t going to move unless there was something amazing. Our old place was really nice and easy to get to from work and had a gym. Those things are a lot harder to find in a building than I thought. Apartments get leased so fast in NYC so it’s almost luck. I thought apartment hunting would be a lot of fun, but it can be stressful 😂 You could be viewing an apartment and in the middle of the viewing it could be leased out to someone else.


A few days before we had to tell the leasing office if we were renewing or not we went to our friend’s apartment to lift with them. We loved the gym so much and our friends encouraged us to ask the leasing office to see what’s available. We toured the first apartment and loved the view, but the layout was a little crowded and there wasn’t an island or a lot of counter space. We knew that building would be the only one we move to because the gym is the best powerlifting apartment gym in the city. It was important to us to have a gym that was so accessible and has all the equipment we need.


The leasing agent showed us a second apartment which we actually weren’t planning to see, and I instantly fell in love! I tried not to get too attached because it’s pricey, but I knew it was the one. The kitchen was huge, and there was lots of counter and cabinet space. We also loved all the windows and natural lighting throughout.

My first reaction: love at first sight, dream apartment

Jon’s first reaction: nice kitchen, what a view, this is the one

We talked about it afterwards and both decided it was worth it to move. Now we are slowly starting to make it our home. I love coming home to the apartment every day.

Without further ado, here’s our new apartment!!!

The first thing you see when you walk in is the kitchen. It has a huge window that makes the space seem so big and bright. We love all of the counter space, it’s prefect for our meal prepping.

I also like this kitchen because the cabinets are normal sized and fit all of our dishes. In the old place the cabinets didn’t fit any of the plates.

The view from the kitchen window is of the Hudson River and lower Manhattan.

Our living room is right off the kitchen and is so bright with the windows. We bought a big sectional couch to fill the space.

We have a little in unit washer and dryer, this is very convenient!

The bathroom is a little bigger than our old one. The only thing I don’t like is that the mirror opens a few inches above the sink so there’s no room to put soap or anything else.

Our bedroom has an extra little closet than our old one. We have two windows in here which is nice to have some light in the morning. It was hard to get a good angle for pictures, but I tried.

We are so excited to make this apartment our home together. Soon I’ll have some updated posts with our furniture, but it’ not quite ready yet so stay tuned😀

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