Wedding Weekend in Michigan Part 1

This weekend was one of those weekends that went by waaaay too fast! On Wednesday night, Jon and I flew back to Michigan to see my friends Danielle and Nate get married. I was one of the bridesmaids, so I couldn’t risk having another cancelled flight and missing any of the festivities. That morning it was very hot and humid, and I had to bring my big suitcase on the subway because we were leaving right from our offices. The subway was packed, and we were all sweating, it was pretty miserable. Times like these make me miss my air conditioned, spacious car hah!

Jon and I met at Grand Central Station after work and took the subway outside the city and then got an uber. We weren’t sure if the traffic would be miserable (well more miserable than usual), and I had to check a bag, so we figured this was the fastest way. We were so happy to spend the day traveling together instead of away from each other.

We had a very smooth flight with no delays, and my mom was there to pick us up. We were both pretty exhausted when we got home. Even though it’s such a short flight it sure is tiring!

On Thursday I had to work all day while Jon hung out, it was nice spending time together, even if I was working. I usually get home around 9:30, so we don’t get to spend much time together right now. We went to downtown Plymouth to Barrio with my parents and Kris for dinner. I had the mahi mahi tacos per usual, and Jon had the fiesta bowl with chicken. I ate so many chips and salsa beforehand that I wasn’t very hungry.

On Friday morning I met Danielle and her mom to get manis/pedis. I got a nice fall color. I hadn’t had one done since high school.

We met up with some of the bridal party for lunch at Meadowbrook and I had a delicious salmon salad.

Jon and I went to the cider mill afterwards to get some yummy donuts. They don’t have cider mills in Manhattan, so this was a fall must! There were quite a few bees, but we enjoyed our donuts.

Part II is to be continued. I didn’t have my phone much of the wedding day so I’m waiting until the pics are out to post 🙂

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