Weekly Workouts 9/3 – 9/9

Happy Monday! I’m back in NYC after a fun wedding filled weekend in Michigan. We had so much fun dancing all night long, that counts as exercise, right?? This week was our first week in the new apartment gym. I was a little worried it would be super busy in the mornings, but luckily it isn’t. I get a squat rack right away, and don’t have to worry about sharing it or rushing through my workout. The only inconvenient thing is that the treadmills are on a different floor than the squat racks, so it takes a few minutes to get there. The bench press is also on the same level as the treadmills, so Jon and I are syncing up our workouts so that we bench together and aren’t on different floors. We will get into a good routine now that we aren’t travelling for a while.

Move of the week: Kettlebell Row

This is a great back exercise that I like incorporating into my back/deadlift days. You can also use a dumbbell if your gym doesn’t have kettlebells. You want to have you back as flat as possible and start with your palms facing behind you. As you pull the kettlebells up you will squeeze your back muscles and twist your hands so your palms end up facing each other at the top. On the way down, you twist your palms so they’re facing behind you again. I aim for 8-12 reps with this exercise.


  • Monday:
    • Bench: 110,115,120 31
    • Db Chest Fly: 15# 3×8
  • Tuesday:
    • Deadlift: 225# 3×1, 175# 3×5
    • Rear delt pull: 4×10
    • Kettlebell Row: 4×8
  • Wednesday:
    • Squat: 200# 3×1, 155# 3×5
    • Reverse lunge: 95# 3×12
    • Straight leg deadlift: 95# 4×8
    • Hip Thrust: 95# 4×8
  • Thursday:
    • Complete off day
  • Friday:
    • Lateral raise: 10# 4×10
      • Ss Straight leg deadlift: 40# 4×8
    • Shoulder press: 20# 4×8
      • Ss bicep curl:15# 4×8
    • Rear delt pulls: 4×10
      • Ss tricep extension: 4×10
    • Saturday:
      • Wedding day
    • Sunday:
      • Travel day

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