Moving Day in NYC

I did it! I survived my first move in NYC! Prior to moving to NYC I’ve only moved one time in my life, and now I’ve moved twice in the last three months. Lucky for me my move to NYC was easy because I only had clothes and little things. This move to our new apartment went smoothly because Jon is an experienced mover. Special thanks to him for taking care of everything, it was a huge help during my busy season!


Pre-move things: Jon ordered boxes and shipping supplies from Lowes/Amazon, and he hired movers to trans. Another thing you need to do when moving is get renters insurance, reserve the elevators in both places, and switch over all the utilities. I’m very appreciative that Jon took care of all that.


The weekend before we moved we started packing up the non-essential things. We put on some tunes and worked through it. It’s amazing how many boxes we actually had because we honestly don’t have that much stuff.


We finally took the Christmas tree down on August 31!! I’m still deciding on a place to put it in the new place. It’s currently packed away in a hall closet until the first weekend in November.

On the day of the move we finished packing up the place. The movers arrived around 7:30 and my goodness were they quick!!! They had all of the boxes out of there in about 30 minutes, it was quite a sight. We just sat on the couch and tried to stay out of their way.


After they cleared out the apartment, Jon and I took the subway and met them down at the new place. I carried my plant (I named her Polly) all the way there, I was quite proud of that. We also stopped at Starbucks for some cold brew and wraps. There was no way we were surviving the day without some cold brew!


We picked up our keys and had our initial walk through of the apartment. The movers had to wait for the elevator, so we planned where we wanted things and took in the view. It was nice to enjoy a clean and empty apartment, it was the calm before the storm.


In about twenty minutes the movers brought everything upstairs and the apartment was chaos!


Before moving we knew that our dresser would be a tight squeeze in the bedroom. The bedroom is the same size as our old place, but the closet was in a different area, so we could fit it. In the new bedroom, the only place to fit the dresser is beside the bed, but then the drawers would’ve been hard to open so we decided to let it go. We may try to find a small, taller dresser instead, that’s still TBD.


We took the subway back to our old apartment to finish cleaning it and turn in the keys. It looked so much smaller without all of the things in it. I thought it was funny/embarrassing walking back to the Financial District with our cleaning supplies. I was carrying a Swiffer and Jon had a mop.


We got most of our unpacking done on the day that we moved. We finished the kitchen, living room, and most of the bedroom. We still need to figure out the dresser and then start decorating. I’m so excited to make this place our home for the next two years!

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