NYC 9 Month Update

Hi friends! Can you believe I’ve been living in NYC for 9 months already because I can’t!! It feels like I just got here. I genuinely meant for this to be a recurring post, but I realized that I haven’t posted an update since my 2 month update here. It’s definitely been the craziest 9 months of my life, but also some of the best times. Hopefully you’ve got a nice cup of coffee because this post may be long 🙂


In September, Jon and I moved to an apartment in the Financial District of Manhattan. We absolutely love our apartment! We are in a corner unit so we have so much natural lighting and some great views of the city. We also have an amazing and open kitchen that we love meal prepping in. Our apartment décor is still a work in progress, but I loved decorating it for Christmas, and if you’re wondering, the tree is still up! I’ve got a tour of the apartment here in case you missed it.


Another big life event was that I switched jobs at the end of November. I was working some crazy hours and hardly had any time to see Jon, so I knew it was not the place for me. My new firm is great and has a lot more flexibility and is less time demanding. I also have made some great friends at my new place which really helps when we are working late! So far the latest I’ve worked might be 8:30, and I don’t have any mandatory weekends which I love!! My office is right by Rockefeller Center so I love taking breaks and walking over there. Jon and I still take the subway to work together, I just transfer subways at my old stop, and then take the local subway one more stop. On nice weather days I like walking to Jon’s office and then we take the subway home together.UMLoh%qwQ7K2atoGNk6ZRQ

In the fall and end of the year, Jon and I travelled a lot! We went to Boston, Savannah, Charleston, Atlanta, Michigan, and Puerto Rico so I feel like we haven’t explored NYC too much lately. It’s also been pretty chilly, so we’ve started going to museums. We went to the Met and Natural History Museum and it’s been a lot of fun!img_1455fullsizeoutput_ae8DSC_0847IMG_2239_polarr

We’ve also been trying a lot of new coffee shops. On our vacations we always like finding the best coffee shops  on yelp to try, so I was like why aren’t we doing that in the city if we love coffee so much. There’s nothing better than a great cup of coffee with an incredible view.img_1381fullsizeoutput_10e1

Jon and I have also been trying a lot of new restaurants and my new favorite restaurant is Beauty and Essex! I posted about it here, it was such a fun atmosphere and the food was amazing! I want to explore the city as much as possible and try as many restaurants before we move out of the city.IMG_2198_polarrIMG_2280_polarr.jpg

We also took advantage of Broadway Week in NYC and saw Phantom of the Opera. We both really enjoyed it! In less than a month we are seeing Hamilton and I’m so excited!! I also really want to see Frozen, I love that movie!RvyXXKYUSIe8tGxhwKmmw.jpg

The winter hasn’t been too bad, my coat keeps me very warm and we usually have a short walk to the subway. I was afraid I’d be miserable walking in the cold, but I haven’t been. It hasn’t been too cold relative to Michigan so that helps. There were maybe three days where it was 20 degrees or less.HWmlmuZwQy6MF2rqXJM3og.jpg

I’m looking forward to the spring and being able to explore and enjoy some warm weather and trees blooming. As of right now I absolutely love living in the city and can’t imagine moving out to the burbs. I’m afraid that I’ll be bored once I move out of the city, but I know one day I’ll reach a point where I need the space and a yard. We still have a year and a half left of our lease, so there’s no rush to leave.Zcebjf6TQ9unB3i9VU6Q.jpg

That’s all my thoughts nine months after living in NYC! I’ll be back with a one year update 🙂

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