The Natural History Museum – NYC

The weather has been pretty chilly in NYC lately, so Jon and I have been all about checking out new museums, restaurants, and coffee shops. This past weekend, we went to the Natural History Museum located in the upper west side of Manhattan. The Museum was very easy to get to, there’s even an entrance right off of the subway so we didn’t have to go outside.B9UBI2VeS3Sqydh1FHLBw.jpg

I had heard that the museum had a really cool dinosaur exhibit, but I hadn’t heard about anything else there. The museum was very large, not quite as big as the Met, but it felt very crowded. It seemed like there was always someone in your way, or you were in the way of someone else. IMG_2239_polarr.jpgThe first thing we saw was the different mammals. I thought this was really cool and I liked how each of the animals had a very detailed exhibit.fullsizeoutput_12d0fullsizeoutput_12d1fullsizeoutput_12d2

Here’s my wolverine with an actual wolverine!fullsizeoutput_12d4.jpeg

They had a cool exhibit about the earth, volcanos, earthquakes, and global warming. There was also an area dedicated to the solar system that was really neat.fullsizeoutput_12e4.jpeg

My favorite exhibit was definitely the dinosaurs! They had a huge T-Rex and all I could think of was how terrifying it would be if dinosaurs were still alive now. The dinosaur area was the most crowded, but the other exhibits were a little less crowded.fullsizeoutput_12d5fullsizeoutput_12d6fullsizeoutput_12d7

I liked this room how they had skeletons hanging from the ceiling. This giant turtle was pretty cool. fullsizeoutput_12dafullsizeoutput_12db

We had a great time exploring the Natural History Museum! We definitely liked the Met better, but this was a really cool museum to bring kids to and see some dinosaurs and animals.fullsizeoutput_12dcfullsizeoutput_12e2fullsizeoutput_12ce

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