Lyssy’s Eats: Mira Sushi NYC Review

Jon and I have been trying so many new restaurants lately, and the latest one we tried was Mira Sushi in the Flatiron District. We were both very hungry after spending the afternoon at the Natural History Museum, and we both left stuffed!IMG_2287_polarrfullsizeoutput_1294nZQYcbg4TZCNr6BlV74zWQ.jpg

We first ordered some drinks and got the Spicy Tuna Pizza as an appetizer. This pizza was delicious!! The crust is hard to describe, it’s not rice or a pizza crust, but flakey dough. It’s very light and airy, and the toppings were similar to what would be in a tuna sushi roll.fullsizeoutput_12953DQJxsAnQPWeDtuty8V5LwdoFW1VK5QGOr%bo0AHr

Jon and I like to split four rolls whenever we go to a sushi restaurant so we ordered the Magic Dragon Roll, Miso Over You Roll, Harajuku Roll, and Dynamite Roll. Our favorite was the Miso Over You Roll, but they were all delicious!!IMG_2280_polarrIMG_2288_polarro2l08qtwSeOxchSf4G8paw.jpgIMG_2289_polarrIMG_2290_polarrIMG_2284_polarr

I was extremely stuffed after this meal and had a huge food baby! I would definitely recommend checking Mira Sushi out if you’re in the mood for sushi, and if you go, you must get the Spicy Tuna Pizza as your appetizer.

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