We’re Moving!

Hi friends, welcome back! You’re probably just as surprised by this post as Jon and I are because we just renewed our lease for another year at the end of August. I’ll give you some backstory and then take you on an empty tour 🙂  Jon and I have lived in our one-bedroom apartment since September 2018, and it was our first apartment together. This apartment is special to us because it was where we lived when we got engaged, married, and spent almost every second of the pandemic together. In August 2020 we considered moving into a 2-bedroom unit in our building, but at the time there was still a lot of uncertainty about the pandemic, so we stayed put. The 2-bedroom has always been in the back of our minds, but it never made sense to upgrade until two weeks ago.

We’ve always known we wanted to stay in our building until we move to the burbs because it’s updated inside, the kitchens are open, there’s a large gym, and it’s close to all the subway lines. In a dream world, I’d move our building to overlook Central Park so I could get my dog, but the apartments up near the park are typically older with tiny, outdated kitchens and that’s not worth it to us. I think we’re in the minority of NYC residents that actually cooks most of the time.

As time went on, our current place started to feel a bit cramped and working from home could be difficult. Jon is on a lot of video calls during the day, and the desk is in the main living area between the kitchen and bathroom, so I was limited in what I could do until his calls ended. Those instances aren’t ideal and made upgrading more and more appealing. We’d been opportunistically watching the prices on the unit we liked and they’d been steadily falling to almost where they were pre-pandemic.

At the end of September, we somehow got Hand Foot and Mouth Disease and while we felt fine and our symptoms were almost gone, we made the tough choice to cancel our trip to Shenandoah National Park while we could still get a refund on our Airbnb. A few days later, on the day we were supposed to leave for our trip, Jon went down to the leasing office to inquire about the open 2-bedroom unit on our floor. That one had just been signed, but the same unit five floors up was available. It had some interest so we’d have to act fast. I got home from running errands, and then we headed up to have a look. Jon and I loved all the extra space and that the layout was very similar to our current unit but with an additional bedroom, primary suite bathroom, and plenty more closet space. Our biggest con to moving was giving up our beloved view from the kitchen and all the sentimental value. We knew that we’d have to rip off the metaphorical band aid and leave this place eventually, so we applied for the unit that night and were approved. The whole process happened in about seven hours and we had to move within two weeks. I’m not exaggerating when I say it all happened so fast, but sometimes you’ve just got to take the leap of faith and not overthink things.

I believe the move was meant to be because we were supposed to be on a trip and had no intention of moving, but instead we were home and the rest is history. We signed for 18 months to avoid moving out around the holidays or possible snowstorm. We don’t know how long we will be in the city after that, but it’s nice knowing we can grow into the new place if needed. It’s a big and sudden change, but we’re excited to have a dedicated office space and to have real counterspace in our bathroom. I’m also excited to have my decorations stored in one spot and to have a clean slate to decorate and organize. It’s hard to find the motivation to decorate when you know it’s just a temporary home, but we are determined to not procrastinate and make it feel like a home 🙂

So now that you’ve got the in-depth backstory, come on in for an empty apartment tour! Walking in there is a closet, and then turning the corner a bathroom to your right with a linen closet. The entryway is a little dark, but our current place is right across form the garbage room so we could hear that door (and our neighbors) slamming frequently. We’re glad this unit will provide a quieter experience, especially moving away from our upstairs neighbor with a very loud dog.

At the end of the hallway is the laundry closet and then it opens up to the main living area and kitchen.

The second bedroom will be our office and has two full size closets. I can’t wait to store our holiday decor, Christmas tree, and golf clubs nicely in here.

On the left is our bedroom and has a full-size closet and walk in closet. Currently we share one standard size closet so this will be amazing to have.

This bathroom is a dream for me. Our current bathroom was like the one in the entryway and it was difficult to do my makeup/hair and trying to get ready at the same time was even harder.

This bedroom is a little larger than our current one and will feel more relaxing.

The kitchen and living room are nearly identical, but the kitchen appliances and cabinets are laid out a little differently and a tiny bit larger. The wall in the kitchen is also larger and blocks the view a tiny bit.

The kitchen and bedroom have eastern views of the East River and Brooklyn.

The view from the living room is of Battery Park and you can see Governors Island behind the building. Way out in the horizon is the Atlantic Ocean. We love all the light form being on the corner, so we’re very glad this apartment will be bright too.

I think organizing will be easy because it’s so similar to our current place, but it will take some time to make it our own. Instead of waiting till we are done for a full tour, I figured I would show you this as a before. Plus I think you’d figure out we moved when I post my Christmas decor post. We’re very grateful to be able to move into this unit and excited to have more space before we eventually make the move to the burbs. Moving day is tomorrow so send all the good thoughts our way!!

45 thoughts on “We’re Moving!

  1. Congrats on the upgrade to a bigger place! Moved here last year from SoCal and been following your blog for things for us to do.

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you’ve been loving the city and am so happy my blog has given some things to do 😊

  2. Sometimes things happen for a reason. Your postponed Shenandoah trip allowed you this opportunity. Congrats! It looks quite roomy and you have a great view!

    1. Serendipitous indeed! I know I’m getting older because I’m excited to buy different colored storage containers for my holiday decorations 😂

    1. Thank you so much!! I could even fit a few Christmas trees 🤔 although the idea of packing and moving more stuff than we currently are isn’t super appealing at the moment haha. I did get gifted another pumpkin since I posted my tour, it’s just meant to be.

  3. Wishing you much happiness in your new apartment Lyssy! It looks lovely and I’m sure you will both put your own decorative touches to it. The views are superb too, I think I would probably spend all day gazing out of the window instead of working! Never heard the expression the ‘burbs’ before but realised what you meant. It’s strange that we speak the same language but with minor variations like closet and wardrobe! xx

    1. Thank you Marion!! I do like the views of the water and all the nice light. That’s funny, yes it’s slang for the suburbs. I read quite a few books by British authors and have learned a lot of things like ornaments that I think of are actually baubles, and jumper is what I call a sweater. It is funny we have those differences even though we speak the same language. xx

  4. Congratulations, Lyssy! I enjoyed getting to see the “before” of your apartment and look forward to seeing your “after”. I looks very spacious and who can’t use all that closet space? I don’t know what view you have currently, but the views from your new place look amazing to me. Best wishes to you and Jon as you make this move up.

    1. Thank you!! The after will be good for the winter months when I don’t want to go outside 🙂 The closet space is such a dream! We currently look north and can see the Chrysler Building, and then we see West with some great sunsets and overlooking an active square.

    1. Thank you! Maybe I will actually want to do my hair/makeup now that I have the room. Every time we go to a hotel we always wish we had the double skins and counter space.

    1. We are very excited, it’ll be worth the long day of moving everything up tomorrow. We are looking forward to having everything settled and put away 🙂

  5. I’m delighted for you, who wouldn’t like to live in such a place in the heart of Lower Manhattan? I also love the distant views, there is no more point in looking at the foot of the building. Great change and all the best for the move!

    1. Thank you!! We are happy not to look directly into the building across the street now. We survived the move 🙂

    1. Thank you!!! We are still baffled, it was so awful! I had a sore throat and mouth ulcers and all I could do was take aspirin. It was worth it to be in our new place though 🙂

  6. Congrats! It’s too bad that you had to visit your trip to Shenandoah National Park as it’s quite beautiful, especially in the fall when the leaves are changing colour. Hopefully you’re able to reschedule. But it seems like the timing worked out well as you were able to snag the 2-bedroom unit a few floors up. Best of luck with the move.

    1. We are bummed to not be able to see the foliage, maybe next year we will make it there! We survived the move and it was all worth it to be in our new place!

  7. How exciting and look at that beautiful view! Looking forward to seeing how you decorate for Christmas…hoping all goes well with your move!

    1. Thank you! We survived the move and are getting settled nicely. We are so glad we were able to move and loving the new place. I’ve already started planning where to put my Christmas decor 🙂

  8. Exciting news, congratulations! The apartment looks spacious and sunny. Lovely views. We know how difficult it is to live in a small space when one person has to do video calls for work, or in our case sometimes both of us. This will be a great change for you. All the best, Lyssy.

    1. Thank you!! We are loving the new place, it is strange having extra space now. It is tricky balancing calls and working from home, especially if one person has a loud phone voice 🙂

  9. Beautiful views and a corner apartment to boot! Was your last place a corner unit? In the oddest of coincidences, my wife & I shared “moving day” with you on Friday. We’ve been here in South Carolina for almost three months but we left almost all of our things behind so our house could stay staged for the sale. Friday we finally had it all packed up and the moving truck is on its way as we speak. For the record, I’d trade the size of our move with yours in a heartbeat – ha. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you!! Yes our old place was a corner too and the windows are the same as the last place. Oh wow you had a massive moving day! We moved everything ourselves and it took about 10 hours. We had a dolly and two hotel carts and a service elevator. It was a long day, but we are almost done unpacking. Can’t imagine doing a whole house!

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