NYC Holiday Apartment Tour 2022

Hi friends, welcome back and come on in! As you know, Jon and I moved at the end of October and we’ve been busy making our new apartment feel like home. It’s been decorated for Christmas since November 7th, but I was waiting to see if we could get the apartment a little more settled before I shared. It’s not 100% done, but it’s getting there. We absolutely love our new place and especially love how cozy it feels decorated for Christmas.

Jon recently put our gallery wall up and the apartment felt so strange without it. I love being able to see the pictures and the decorations on the table from the couch.

These trees are my favorite, I love when they glow at night.

I put my Santa’s under the table, this one holding cookies is new this year. Next year I’ll have to give them prime real estate on my new bookcase.

Our kitchen is almost identical to our previous apartment, so I kept the decorations pretty much the same as I usually do.

I was gifted this chocolate advent calendar by La Maison Du Chocolate and it is light years better than the Trader Joe’s one I used to buy.

This Santa is new and I found him at the hotel gift shop at Bryce National Park of all places. He sparked joy the second I laid eyes on him.

Our coffee stays fresh in this cookie jar Jon picked out this year.

Food tastes better on a Santa plate 🙂

I saw this sign when I was at a little fair with Jon’s mom in Atlanta and knew Jon needed it. He LOVES to quote Christmas Vacation.

In the window above my desk I have my gingerbread train and cute new snowman I got as a gift from my Aunt Rita and Uncle Craig. They have the best Christmas decorations! My sister and I flew home after Christmas with our snowmen and TSA checked both which I thought was funny. No reindeer games here 🙂 (Also, I am not a time traveller, I just didn’t update my countdown from last year…)

I have an extra windowsill to decorate this year. I made one more rustic, and the other more fun and colorful.

We bought a bookshelf on Black Friday, but we didn’t have the tools to mount it to the wall, so next year I’m excited to decorate it. As I mentioned, still a work in progress, but it’s going to look so great next year!

My poor tree, last Christmas 2/3 sections of the prelit lights went out so I was prepared this year and strung them myself. About a week ago the top 1/3 stopped working but now that all the ornaments are on, I don’t want to restring and risk something falling, so it’s just doing the best it can.

We bought this tree in 2017 and only had a few ornaments. This year I had to decorate the back because we have so many ornaments!

These are all our new ornaments, I like to collect them from trips. The big Santa is from a special Christmas store in Salzburg and we were very nervous it would break on our journey home, but luckily he lived to see Christmas.

Our old bedroom was tiny and super cramped, so I never decorated. Now our bedroom is spacious and cozy with this skinny tree. I was deciding between leaving it with just lights, or getting ornaments too and I think I like how simple it looks best. I almost forgot we had this bedding, but I’m glad I remembered in time. I usually buy new things when they’re on sale after Christmas, so by the time the next Christmas rolls around, I occasionally forget about something.

We have counterspace in our bathroom finally so Jon bought these little soap dispensers and tray while I was out decorating my parents’ house. I’m glad he enjoys Christmas decorations as much as I do!

I think that wraps up my tour! I hope you enjoyed taking a look 🙂 When I share a normal apartment tour I’ll show you my decoration closet where I have the luxury of storing everything in one place.


47 thoughts on “NYC Holiday Apartment Tour 2022

    1. Thank you! I wish they lasted longer, the convenience of them is so nice but what I have no idea how to fix the strands once lights go out. Next tree will not be pre-lit.

    1. Thank you!! I’ve got to give the Santas a prime spot so I don’t wind up on the naughty list 😉

  1. It must be so nice to have the extra space. You have done a great job decorating. We finally got our tree and decs up yesterday. We had to wait until our contractors were done their work. I looks decidedly Christmassy here now too. Thanks for sharing and have a great Wednesday Lyssy. Allan

    1. Our quality of life has improved a lot with the space! Thank you!! Glad to hear you have decked you halls, there’s nothing like the glow of the Christmas tree at night.

  2. Everything looks so nice and festive! I bet the chocolate advent calendar is luxurious but the Hershey kisses advent calendars are a nice addition to the kitchen too! And of course, I can’t get over your view, it’s pretty amazing!! 🙂

    1. Thank you!! The chocolate is so luxurious! I didn’t realize the Hershey kisses were all kisses, so I essentially bought a bag of Hershey kisses, but they’re cute. We love our views! It’s so nice not looking directly into another apartment building anymore haha.

  3. I love your work view too. Do you still work from home? I notice that one of the candy bowls is empty. What WAS in there?

    1. I’m at home, but I work on my blog/instagram now. Jon works from home 2-3x a week. Haha it had peppermints, I like to grab those on my way out.

  4. It all looks beautiful, Lyssy! It looks like you’ve made your apartment very homey, and it looks cozy decorated for Christmas. I feel your pain about the tree. Mine is half prelit and half strings I’ve added. I really need to get a new one. Maybe next year. Merry Christmas to you and Jon!

    1. Thank you!! We love our new place 🙂 I always debate getting a new one or waiting until we have a house. They are so expensive!! Merry Christmas to you guys too!

  5. Your apartment looks delightful with its festive decorations. Do you usually go to stay with your parents over Christmas or is this just a Thanksgiving thing in the US? As we do t do thanksgiving everyone cones ‘home’ for Xmas here!

    1. Thank you!! We are going to spend some time with Jon’s family this weekend/next week and then fly to Michigan to spend Christmas Eve/day with my family. We usually spend Thanksgiving with one side and Christmas with the other. Our families used to live up the street which is how I met Jon, but then his family moved from Michigan to Atlanta, so it’s harder for our holiday plans.

      1. Oh that’s interesting that you met living so close. It’s great you are able to spend time with both sets of parents as families are so important. Did you both come to NYC to study and then stay on after graduating? It must be wonderful to live so close to everything.

      2. His sister is my best friend, so I’ve known him since I was 12! We were never interested in each other and did our own things. Jon moved to NYC after college and then his sister set us up after college and we were long distance before I moved to NYC. It’s the last place I ever thought I’d live, but now I can’t imagine living anywhere else, especially at Christmas!

  6. A lot of thought and a story for each object makes for an increasingly complex guided tour. I wonder how to sleep with a flashing tree next to the bed.

    1. I’ve acquired quite a collection! I unplug the tree every night or else I don’t think I could fall asleep.

  7. Oh I love how you decorated your apartment! Everything looks so warm and cosy and festive! I like the little decorations here and there too, and bringing Christmas ornaments as a souvenir from places you visited is such a great idea! I have to say, I can’t wait to get my own place to decorate it for Christmas and have a decoration closet (I thought I was the only one who wanted such a thing!!) 😍

    1. Thank you!! So glad it gives off the warm and cozy vibes 🙂 It is so fun decorating for Christmas and a decoration closet is such a dream! Can’t wait for you to have one of your own 🙂

  8. Nicely done with your Christmas decorating. It’s too bad about the lights in your Christmas tree. I put my holiday decorations up in early November too. I just couldn’t help myself!

  9. Following family tradition, I note your own Santa collection is well on its way. Also, the HUGE Hershey Kiss boxes in the kitchen immediately caught my eye. I was disappointed when I realized they were Advent calendars instead of containers of hundreds of chocolates. But I’m with you; the La Maison du Chocolat calendar is much more stylish. Who cares about the chocolate itself 😉

    1. I do love my Santas! I regret buying those kisses because it’s just 25 kisses in a box. I thought they would be cute shapes or something. The La Maison du Chocolat calendar is very stylish although it takes up a lot of counter space compared to the actual size of the chocolates haha.

  10. 7th november – you guys really do get in the spirit early. I love all of your decorations, they’re just beautiful. I will definitely take you up on the offer of doing my house next year in return for a stately home stay 🙂

  11. Your Christmas decorations look right at home in your new apartment. The different types go well together and are perfect accents to the clean look of your home. I was also impressed by the breathtaking views. You get to enjoy those year round. 😃🎄

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