Fifth Avenue Christmas Decorations 2022

Hi friends, welcome back! Today I’m taking you on a stroll down Fifth Avenue to see all the beautiful Christmas decorations. Fifth Avenue is THE spot to be at Christmastime because it has the most bang for your buck when it comes to holiday decorations. The Christmas decor on Fifth Avenue is bookmarked with Rockefeller and Saks on 49th Street, and Bergdorf’s on 58th Street. I’ve got separate posts for Rockefeller, Saks, and Bergdorfs, so todays walk features all the great spots in between. I suggest starting with a cup of hot cocoa from the picturesque Ralph’s hot chocolate truck.

The first site you will see heading north is the beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral adorned in garland.

On the other side of St. Patrick’s Cathedral (technically on Madison Avenue and not Fifth Ave but we are letting it slide) is Lotte Palace and their tree is so beautiful! Last year they didn’t decorate the courtyard because it was under construction, but some of the scaffolding is gone and the courtyard is open. This area may look familiar if you’ve watched the show Gossip Girl, it was the court yard of their school.

I think the Lego store always has fun windows. They must take forever to set up!

Along Fifth Avenue there are oversized toys as with last year along with a QR code to make a donation to the Food Bank For New York City, Fifth Avenue’s charitable partner.

Cartier is always a show stopper! Although I was a tad disappointed they didn’t include the iconic red bow in their display.

Harry Winston looking classic and beautiful.

The Peninsula Hotel is one of my favorites, it’s so pretty! I love that they decorated the outside too.

Louis Vuitton is back with their giant tree alongside the building. I thought it was interesting they went with a Lego theme for their windows this year. You may have noticed that from the Macys, Bloomingdales, and Bergdorf window displays.

Last night Jon and I walked up Fifth Avenue and saw this giant UNICEF crystal snowflake hanging. I’ve somehow never seen this before, but every year since 1984 it hangs at 57th and Fifth Avenue. The snowflake is 28 feet tall, 23 feet wide, and has over 16,000 crystal prisms. It was so beautiful!

I love these giant candy canes on the building next door to Bergdorfs.

The Pulitzer Fountain is adorned with ornaments this year. I think they’re having some electrical issues because I’ve been twice and not everything lights up.

Lastly, The Plaza Hotel’s beautiful arrangement of trees. This would be a magical (but expensive) place to stay during the holidays!

Which display was your favorite?


30 thoughts on “Fifth Avenue Christmas Decorations 2022

  1. Oh how beautiful! Couldn’t pick a favourite, each one made me smile. Love the tie in with the food bank, a nice gesture.

  2. There is no doubt in my mind that NYC does Christmas best. So many beautiful displays everywhere to bring warmth to a cold fall/winter night. Would love some cocoa from that truck. I must admit I like the simple elegance of the Cartier building. What did Tiffany do this year? Thanks for sharing your Christmas city Lyssy. Allan

    1. I am lucky to have all these decorations nearby and the luxury of being able to see them whenever I want. The Tiffany’s building is under construction so I don’t think they did anything. So glad you are enjoying this virtual NYC Christmas 🙂

  3. I loved them all, Lyssy! I can’t imagine all the hours of work that go into these decorations. I though the Pulitzer fountain was gorgeous not lit up. Wonder how many ornaments encircle the tiers. I think I would like to work as a window decorator at the Lego Store!

    1. It’s amazing to think of all the people that work to set up all these decorations! The Pulitzer fountain is so pretty. The Lego store windows would be such a fun job!

  4. What a beautiful stroll, NY has it all nailed! My favourite photos are at St Patrick’s and the Peninsula Hotel, the arrangements are so dense.

    1. NY really has it all nailed! Those are great favorites, the Peninsula is always one of my favorites.

    1. So extravagant! The Lego windows are so fun, I wonder how long it takes to set it up. A Christmas at the Plaza would be so magical!

  5. I’m such a fan of all this holiday decor and it’s neat to see how different some of the displays look during the day compared to at night. The decorations at the Peninsula Hotel is probably my favourite.

    1. I love seeing the differences at night vs the day too. I can’t get enough of the holiday decor! The Peninsula Hotel is spectacular.

  6. Is the Lotte Palace an indoor shopping mall? If the grand stair lobby is any indication I’d love to see more. I noticed you captured some of the displays both day and night (ex. snowman) and I get it; they’re impressive no matter what time it is. Finally, I got stuck on a couple of things. One, the “Alarmingly Strong Tights” ad on the bus in the photo after the Lego Store (just weird IMHO). Two, the sheer number of Lego blocks filling the bases of the Louis Vuitton windows. Someone has a lot of cleaning up to do after the holidays!

    1. The Lotte Palace is a fancy hotel, that’s where most of the important people stay during UN Week. I try to see everything at night and day because it can look so different. That is a strange add, but tights that don’t rip are highly desirable haha. So many Legos! Hope everyone that has to clean them up wears shoes.

  7. All the decorations are too beautiful to choose! But my particular favorite will be the Lotte Palace. It giving the “Home Alone 2” vibes.

  8. That’s Christmas town 5 and 6 avenue Rockefeller area. But a lot of the Christmas locations have closed due to the Covid shutdown. But the tree still go up. #NYC

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