Bergdorf Goodman & Bloomingdale’s 2022 NYC Holiday Windows

Hi friends, welcome back! I previously shared the adorable Macy’s holiday windows, and today I’m sharing the more edgy and chic windows at Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales. I love that these department stores continue their tradition of going all out to create such intricate and unique holiday windows. I’ll start with my favorite of the two, Bergdorf Goodman located on Fifth Avenue and 58th Street.


Bergdorf’s theme this year is Magic in the Making, “which aims to “draw back the curtain of luxury” to feature the imagination and many skills that go into creating special items, including woodcraft, dress-making, paper sculpture, mosaic, papier-mâché, metal craft and scrapbooking.” I read that the windows took over ten months to create and over 10,000 hours from the brainstorming to construction.

I would love to wear this dress for a night, the jewels are stunning!

There’s so many little details and dimensions to these windows. This one is my favorite.

In my opinion, Bergdorfs has the chicest and most detailed windows of all the department stores. There’s so much going on in each window that you’ll notice something new each time you walk by. I like to visit a few times each season to admire them.

On the other side of Fifth Avenue the men’s store has more modest windows.

A few blocks away on 59th Street and Lexington Avenue, Bloomingdales is proudly celebrating their 150thAnniversary. The theme for their windows is “Best Holiday Ever” and per the Bloomindales press release, “The windows will embody the spirit of the season, with gift giving and making memories as the common thread throughout. Each window will feature a variety of magical elements, from larger-than-life wrapping paper, scissors, and champagne glasses to a toy workshop, a three-dimensional camera feeding images of holiday cards, and more.”

I thought the kid mannequins in these windows were a tad creepy. Maybe it’s just me, but their mannequins are a little too realistic looking for my liking.

What do you think about the Bergdorfs and Bloomingdales holiday window displays?

29 thoughts on “Bergdorf Goodman & Bloomingdale’s 2022 NYC Holiday Windows

    1. It’s fun to see the different styles and themes they come up with each year! Glad you enjoyed 🙂

  1. Good that the window dressers get a chance to show their skills and work their magic. These windows are full of light and colour and shout New York City. Not sure that they shout Christmas, though. I think I may be more of a traditionalist, but that’s likely ’cause I’m old. Thanks for sharing Lyssy. Allan

    1. Maybe one year they will have a nostalgic Christmas theme. I wonder if kids ever grow up dreaming of designing these windows.

    1. A lot of patience and being quick! I also go a few times to each spot to make sure I get it all 🙂

  2. Hats off Lyssy, you really took the time to capture a wide array of these captivating displays. Shop windows mostly leave me cold, but I’d make an exception for NYC at Christmas. The Christmas displays in London used to mesmerise me as a kid, but I think the sheer scale of The Big Apple’s yuletide windows reaches a whole new level.

    1. I can’t get enough of the holiday decorations! My list of spots keeps growing and growing. NYC at Christmas is definitely magical! NYC does have a lot of decorations, and really goes all out. I want to visit London at Christmas at some point.

  3. I like your favorite of the Bergdorfs windows but mine is the one with the woman in the middle of all of the musical instruments. So detailed. And then they go and put a rooster in the lower right corner – what? So random… unless you consider a rooster’s “cock-a-doodle-do” a musical instrument ha. Thanks for sharing (again!)

    1. It’s amazing how much they fit in one window while still making it look cool and not just like a tornado dropped off random things. That rooster is super random and your comment made me laugh haha

  4. It looks stunning! 10 months seemed like a lot of time for this, but given the intricate details, it’s actually not that surprising that it took such a long time to create those windows!

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