NYC Christmas Bucket List 2022

Hi friends, welcome back! It’s time to officially kick off the holiday season on my blog! I am SO excited to make the most of this Christmas season in NYC and share all the holly jolly joy along the way 🙂 Last year I saw almost every decoration in the city and you best believe I’m doing it all again! You can also check out my 2021 Bucket List if you’re coming to NYC and need ideas. I linked everything so it can be your one stop shop. I created this Christmas bucket list for myself and you all to help get into the spirit. I’m breaking the list up into NYC specific and general so that everyone can join in on the fun and start crossing off items. I hope to bring a little extra joy to your holiday season with all my posts to come 🙂

  • Christmas Bucket List
    • Stock up on Trader Joe’s holiday goodies
    • Decorate a gingerbread house
    • Bake Christmas cookies
    • Send a Christmas card
    • Complete a holiday puzzle
    • Deck your halls
    • Get a Starbucks holiday cup
    • Have a Christmas movie marathon
    • Enjoy a holiday themed beverage
    • Listen to Christmas music
    • Make a Christmas themed charcuterie board
    • Buy a chocolate advent calendar
    • Light a holiday scented candle
    • See Christmas lights
    • Read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas
    • Hang stockings above the fireplace
    • Drink hot chocolate while watching a Christmas movie
    • Wrap Christmas presents
    • Wear an ugly Christmas sweater (mine is epic!)

On a more serious note, I’m resharing the USPS Operation Santa, a holiday charity that I love. Since 1921, USPS Operation Santa collects letters from children and parents all over the country with their wish list for Santa. The letters are now posted online for people to read through and pick one that speaks to them. Many of these letters have requests for necessities such as blankets, coats, shoes, clothes, toilet paper, etc. in addition to toys. This program provides the opportunity to spread some holiday magic and help make someone’s Christmas special. In addition to adopting a family through the post office, is a non-profit that helps support the USPS and raises money to fulfill as many letters from the USPS as possible. This is how I donate and an easy way to support the mission if you are unable to buy and mail presents. These last few years have been especially difficult for people, so if you’re looking for a charity to donate to this holiday season, I’d strongly encourage you to check out USPS Operation Santa and It’s a little way I can help a child experience the magic of Christmas this year.

Let me know if I missed anything or what you’re looking forward to most this holiday season!

36 thoughts on “NYC Christmas Bucket List 2022

  1. That is an epic list… and also a LOT to see in the next few weeks. So far, I’ve checked off the advent calendar bullet point… sort of, because instead of a chocolate one, we always get a beer one, and it’s the best!

    1. Yes we are traveling for Thanksgiving and Christmas so I don’t have much time, but I’m up for the challenge haha. I call it my blogger busy season 🙂 A beer one sounds awesome!!

    1. It is my blogger busy season, but I love it! I have to take advantage of the last few Christmases I have living in the city.

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit New York between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so thank you for sharing your New York Christmas experiences. You’ve inspired me to get away from the computer and start getting busy.

    1. I think by the time I’m done blogging everything you’ll feel like you experienced it yourself 🙂 It’s the greatest time of year in NYC, just magical!

  3. I’ve had the same dream Kellye mentioned above. Your to-do-list is epic and inspiring as always. I love your charities of choice. It is a good way to help a child experience some Christmas magic. One year, when I was living in China, a bunch of colleagues and I went to an orphanage on Christmas Day bearing gifts and grins. It was one of the most humbling experiences I’ve ever had. I certainly cherish all my Christmas memories, especially when growing up. Enjoy the festive vibes in the city! Someone, please get onto that teleporter!!!!

    1. Christmas is the best time of year to visit if you can brave the crowds! That sounds like such a special Christmas. It’s so much more meaningful to give than receive if you have the opportunity. There’s nothing like the joy of kids on Christmas morning. Yes it’s almost 2023 we need teleportation!!

  4. NYC is so beautiful at Christmas time! I used to love heading into the city to see a play or the Rockettes Christmas show and seeing all the stores decorated for the holidays.

    1. It’s the best time of year! I still need to see the Rockettes one year, it seems a right of passage.

  5. Its YEARS since we saw NYC over Christmas…. We went a few times after Christmas at home – depending on the cheapest flights etc…. I love your list – time for another trip me thinks!!!

  6. What a joyful NYC and Christmas bucket list 😊 Hope you’ll share your ugly Christmas sweater 😉
    I’d love to ice skating at the Rockfeller, like in the movies!
    This year is a bit different I’m waiting for a special present to come before Christmas, I really hope it will come before though 🤞🏼😬🍼👶🏻

    1. Yes I need to! I got it at a resale shop and I just know it used to belong to a grandma haha. You are going to have a very special Christmas!! I hope before too so you can spend Christmas at home with your bundle of joy 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I agree, the pretty lights and decorations make it feel a little less cold because they’re so cheery.

    1. It’s so magical during the holidays! Very busy indeed, we are traveling for the holidays so I will only have about 3 weeks to see it all. I’m up for it!

    1. It’s like a croissant mixed with a churro in the share of a cone and filled with cream. It’s delicious!

  7. Such an amazing list! I feel like Christmas in New York is really something that I can’t quite comprehend with my European eyes, and it’s absolutely something I would love to experience one day! But some of the other things on your Christmas list I could definitely do and they already inspire me to get into the holiday spirit! Thanks for sharing!

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