Christmas at Macy’s 34th Street – 2022

Hi friends, welcome back! It isn’t the Christmas season in NYC without a trip to the iconic Macy’s on 34thStreet. Macy’s unveiled their holiday windows on November 17th and they’ll be up until the New Year. The main window displays are on Broadway between 34th and 35th Street, and the theme this year is how we celebrate the holidays together with loved ones, featuring a touch of festive nostalgia.

Unlike the prior year where the windows told a continuing story, this years windows each depict a different nostalgic scene. The adorable reindeer Tiptoe learned to fly last year, so now she’s visiting all her woodland friends to spread some holiday cheer.

I enjoyed viewing the windows while Christmas music played alongside for the perfect experience. I thought these windows were so charming and I love the joy they bring to everyone that takes a second to stop and take in the holiday displays.

For each window I included the caption so you don’t have to find your magnifying glass.  This window says “Twas almost a year since we saw Tiptoe last. During which time she learned to fly fast. Now she’s speeding her way to those near and dear. Baking cookies and treats with love and good cheer.”

“The snow lay thick and deep all over the ground, and the warmth of the season was everywhere to be found. Winter white bears wrapped in sweaters so bright. And an extra warm scarf for Tiptoe’s long flight.” This one might be my favorite, it’s just so adorable.

““More ornaments, more lights!” Said Tiptoe with glee. As she popped from a hollow in the center of the tree. Scurrying squirrels trimmed every branch and bough. “Hurry, hurry…it’s time to start the show!””

“Bouncing bunnies typed as fast as they might. Hoping Santa would grant their wishes that night. While Tiptoe read their letters as fast as she could. Knowing Santa would soon arrive if they’d all been good.”

“Dressed in plaid on the sofa they all did squeeze. It’s time for the Fox family photo. Everyone say “Cheese!” Snap, snap, snap went the camera all night. When in snuck Tiptoe and stole the limelight.”

Lastly, “As the clock strikes twelve, its Tiptoe’s big day. “Let the celebration begin!” her friends and family say. Sparkle and shine, and shouts of good cheer. “Here’s to the gift of love and a Happy New Year!”.

I created this festive video of all the windows 🙂

On 34th Street the Macy’s windows feature some neat toys.

I stopped by after visiting Hudson Yards but was a little too early. I thought it was cute the windows said no peeking! When Jon and I came back to pick out an ornament they still had the turkey up from the Thanksgiving Day parade.

After viewing the windows, take the wooden escalators up to the ninth floor Holiday Lane shop and pick out an ornament. I recommend going as early in the season as possible because you’d be surprised how picked over this area is by mid-December!

This is the ornament we picked out this year and we like to think that our apartment is one of the buildings behind the bridge.

I loved seeing Macy’s holiday windows and continuing our tradition of picking out a new ornament together. I’ve been to this Macy’s four times so far this year, but I think I’ll see Tiptoe one more time before we leave the city for the holidays. Time to check off Macy’s from my NYC Christmas Bucket List! What do you think about the holiday windows this year?

33 thoughts on “Christmas at Macy’s 34th Street – 2022

  1. Love, love, love! Great photos and video, Lyssy! I’ve been to lots of Macy’s stores, but I’ve always wanted to see the one in NYC at Christmas. Love your ornament too. Thanks for giving me a great look at one of my NYC bucket list places!

    1. The windows are so cute this year! Hopefully you can make it to NYC for a Christmas one year!

  2. Another great installation of holiday decorations in New York. I particularly like the latest ornament, the Big Apple, looping perfectly with the authentic decorations of yesteryear which were just red apples.

    1. I’m glad Macy’s still goes all out with their windows. You’re right, the ornament really ties it all in nicely.

  3. It’s pretty impressive how Macy’s has changed the theme this year for its holiday decorations. I can’t even begin to imagine how much time it must have taken to set these window displays up. Everything looks so shiny and bright. Thanks for sharing. Linda

    1. I was reading that it takes about ten months for these windows to be created. It would be cool to be a part of the process. Glad you enjoyed 🙂

  4. Time to watch “Miracle…” again (the classic 1947 original, or course). I never knew Macy’s dubbed itself “World’s Largest Store”. I always thought Harrod’s in London took that prize. Regardless, it’s a remarkable retail experience. I took my daughter when she was 11, just so she’d have a memory of buying something from “the store from the Christmas movie”.

    1. I need to watch that movie again, I think we saw it two years ago. The store is so massive, we didn’t make it into Harrods on our trip to London so I can’t compare. That is a special memory!

  5. Oh my god, this is incredible! The only thing that is quite similar in France are the Galleries Lafayette, but even then, Macy’s seems to be on a whole other level of festive-ness!! That must be amazing to easily be able to go there!

    1. I’d love to see the Christmas decor in Paris! Macy’s has the cutest windows and I love being a subway ride away from them.

  6. Oh my goodness these decorations are fabulous!! I have been to NYC at Christmas before and it is the best time to be there!! So much excitement in the air.

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