Kennebunkport, Maine – Part One

Hi friends, welcome back! After having our lunch in Camden, Jon and I continued south for about two more hours to Kennebunkport, Maine. Kennebunkport is most famous for being home to Walker’s Point Estate (the Bush Family summer compound), and it’s a favorite spot for summer vacations. I also read quite a few blog posts during my road trip research about the city, so I added two nights to our itinerary. We didn’t have the full experience due to covid and the weather, but we still found Kennebunkport very relaxing and charming!

My favorite thing about our time in Kennebunkport was the historic bed and breakfast we stayed at! We stayed at The Captain Fairfield Inn in the Liberty Sweet room and I’m so glad I selected a room with a fireplace. It ended up being cold and rainy during our stay, so our cozy room was perfect to spend time relaxing in. I wish I could’ve brought the fireplace home with us!

Captain Fairfield was a sailing master and is said to haunt the house. Luckily, I didn’t know about this until writing my blog post, but we didn’t have any spooky things happening. The floors are a little creaky, but that’s to be expected of a home built in 1813!

Captain Fairfield’s brother-in-law Joseph Lord lived across the street so their wives could keep each other company while the two were out at sea. His house was also converted to a bed and breakfast. Both houses have been beautifully preserved and only a five minute walk to town so I’d highly recommend staying at either!

For dinner the first night we ended up having some of the most delicious take-out pizza we’ve ever had from Coletti’s Pizza Factory.

The next morning Jon and I walked to Mornings in Paris to get coffee and a ham and cheese croissant. We walked around the small town, which is only one main street and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

The fall foliage surrounding the Kennebunkport River was so beautiful and serene! I especially loved the reflection on the water.

There are quite a few tourist shops and restaurants, but it was very empty. Kennebunkport has a small population that swells in the summer from vacationers and cruise ships similar to Camden, Maine.

We went right before Halloween and I loved the festiveness!

Stay tuned for Part Two about our visit to the Bush Family Compound and some amazing homes on the coast!

21 thoughts on “Kennebunkport, Maine – Part One

    1. Thank you! You can always count on us for pizza pictures! We’ve now advanced to making our own from scratch, getting fancy 😂

      1. Haha I believe there will be late night pizza for those that need it 😜

  1. I also stopped in Kennebunkport on my drive along the Maine coast. I must say that your photos capture the atmosphere of New England and what a beautiful B&B!

  2. The very first photo of your B&B is my favorite. I’d call that a perfect shade of yellow for a building, and the white and green trim totally complete the look. About as inviting as it gets.

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