Grabbing Lunch in Camden, Maine

Hi friends, welcome back! After spending five days in Bar Harbor, it was time to head south on our East Coast Road Trip to Kennebunkport, Maine. It’s about a three-hour drive from Bar Harbor to Kennebunkport, but Jon and I made a detour for lunch in Camden along the way. Camden is a charming, small town located on the Penobscot Bay and a popular spot for summer vacations. Unfortunately, it was only 30*F that day, so our stop was a little shorter than we would have liked, but I made sure to take as many pictures as possible 🙂

Camden is a place near and dear to Jon’s family’s heart because Jon’s Poppa’s parents (Jon’s great-grandparents on his mom’s side) had a house located just two minutes from the harbor. Jon and I were able to find the house and get a picture, and it was so adorable and wonderfully kept. Jon’s mom and situ had so many fond memories of summer vacations here, so we were very excited to check out Camden!

I can imagine how beautiful and lively this harbor is in the summer! We went during the week in the off season on an unusually cold day, so the town was understandably empty. I read that there are about 5,000 people that live in Camden, but the population triples in size in the summer.

The main downtown is very small with one main street lined with cute little shops and some exceptional restaurants. I never realized how much of a foodie paradise Maine has become!

Jon’s great-Nana used to work at The Smiling Cow, which sells souvenirs and trinkets, so we made sure to check it out.

In the summer Camden is a popular spot for sailing, hiking at Camden Hills State Park, swimming or catching rays at the beach, and camping. There’s something for everyone making it the perfect spot for a summer vacation.

Before we headed to Kennebunkport, we stopped in at Camden Deli and had delicious sandwiches for lunch. I ordered an Italian sandwich and it was MASSIVE! Jon ordered “The Surprise” which was a smoked turkey, bacon, Monterey jack, and avocado on sourdough bread.

Jon and I were here the end of October and I was impressed by how all-out this house was decorated for Halloween! It’s a skeleton football game, so fun!

Camden was the quintessential New England coastal city, and I would love to go back in the summer and spend more time there!

Next stop, Kennebunkport!

8 thoughts on “Grabbing Lunch in Camden, Maine

  1. Thanks for the tour, Lyssy. Camden sure looks quaint. My favorite pic is the one with the water tumbling down the rocks in the foreground, with the shops and restaurants lined up behind. I imagine the weather extremes (also very hot in the summer, yes?) keep the town small and the crowds seasonal.

    1. If you look up quaint I think Camden might come up 🙂 it does get very hot and cold! Was hoping to have warm, but it was still cool to visit.

  2. I stopped there at the end of the day at sunset, admiring the historic schooners in the harbour and envying those who had time to linger on the terraces while I still had several hours of driving ahead of me. I understand that you liked the place.

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