Thunder Hole – Acadia National Park

Hi friends, welcome back! Today I’m sharing the final installment of our trip to Acadia National Park! Jon and I made the most of our last day in the park starting with hiking Bubble Rock, and then we headed in search of Thunder Hole! This was one of the must-see spots on my list, and I was excited to see it on a clear, sunny day.

Before we got there, we stopped outside the park to get our bearings/directions, so we didn’t risk driving through the entire park. The one-way roads can add an extra thirty minutes if you aren’t careful, but the big sights have clear directions along the way so we would’ve found it eventually 😉 Anyways, we stopped in a parking lot and across the street was a gorgeous view of the coast! I ventured out to capture these pictures.

Jon and I got back in the car and headed to Thunder Hole. This is a famous phenomena caused by the waves crashing into a naturally occurring cavern in the rock, and when the water rushes into the cave, the air gets forced out and makes a loud thunder like sound. I am sure there is a more scientific explanation, but you may remember that I am an accounting major ha!

The waves were relatively calm while we were there, but we still got to experience some small booms. I can only imagine how loud it would be when the tide is right and the waves are in full force! The pedestrian area can become quite dangerous in the right conditions so proceed with caution if it looks a little wild.

Besides the noise, Thunder Hole also offers some incredible sight seeing!  We climbed along the rocks to get a better, unobstructed view.

Afterwards, Jon and I pulled off the road to capture these pictures, this is one of my favorite views. It almost looks fake!

On our final stop in Acadia National Park, Jon and I drove about thirty minutes to check out Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. This lighthouse was built in 1858 and is still operated by the U.S. Coast Guard. Visitors are unable to tour the lighthouse but are free to roam the grounds and get an iconic photo.

The granite rocks below were a bit challenging to climb, but it was worth it for the views of the ocean! I’d recommend visiting if you’re a lighthouse lover or have extra time in Acadia National Park!

I hope you all have enjoyed reading about my trip to Acadia National Park!! It’s one of my favorite places I’ve visited and offers something for everyone! There are challenging hikes, easier strolls, and endless views of the ocean and rugged shoreline. The park is also great to add to an East Coast Roundtrip like we did, or as a standalone vacation. I think about five days is a good amount of time to spend to really get a feeling like you’ve seen enough, but left enough to come back and visit 🙂

Next stop: Camden and Kennebunkport Maine!

11 thoughts on “Thunder Hole – Acadia National Park

  1. Acadia is one of my favorite national parks too. I have never seen this park so empty. Great way to get a break during this challenging year. I LOVE national parks and Acadia is so special because of its unique coastline. Each time I visit one, it becomes one of my favorite. Glacier and Yosemite are on our lists this year.

    1. It was nice being able to enjoy it without as much of the crowds! I would love to see Glacier and Yosemite one day!! I know Lauren has been to Glacier, but I can’t remember if she’s been to Yosemite. Her pictures were gorgeous!

  2. I love the photos where your subject is in the foreground but the ocean extends to the horizon beyond. Some of them feel like you must be standing on the edge of the world when you took the picture. Thunder Hole reminds me of the blowholes you can visit in the Hawaiian islands. The ocean water is forced through a tight channel the same way but then erupts straight up like a geyser. Makes for great photos.

    1. I love being near the water and taking pictures of all the blue! It did fee like we were on the edge of the world sometimes. I’ve seen those blowholes in videos – so cool! I’d love to go to Hawaii one day

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