What’s Up: October 2020

Hi friends, welcome back! October is almost here which means the rest of the year is going to fly by! September was a bit of a rough month because of my busy season. I’m looking forward to getting through my last deadline on October 15thand then being able to enjoy the fall and holiday season. My favorite part of September was spending a day on Governor’s Island. It is my favorite escape from the city and so refreshing! We were hunkered down most of the month because of work, so I’m looking forward to things slowing down mid-October.

On to my post 🙂 I’ve been linking up with my first and favorite blogger I ever read, Shay Shull, for my What’s Up posts. Each month I’m answering the following questions:


  1. What I’m eating: a lot of sushi! Jon and I have finally found our tried and true sushi takeout place! We have ordered the same rolls each time and they are always delicious! We also indulged in some Milk & Cream Cereal Bar, and yes, I always order the same thing every time – cookie dough ice cream, Reese’s Puff cereal mixed in, caramel drizzle, and small bits of cookie dough and brownie pieces. Pizza is also a favorite around here 🙂
  2. What I’m reminiscing about: last fall Jon and I went to Manchester, Vermont and had the BEST time! It was the perfect post-busy season getaway and we loved peeping all the fall foliage and hiking up Mount Equinox.
  3. What I’m loving: my Peloton bike! I’ve been obsessed with the app since the start of quarantine, and the bike is better than I dreamed of! I usually take three classes a week and I’m slowly getting better! I’d only done one spin class prior to purchasing the bike, but I love the variety of classes and music!
  4. What I’m dreading: I have 2.5 weeks left of tax busy season
  5. What I’m Up to: dreaming about travelling again! I am starting to get a little worried about our trip to Italy for our honeymoon 🙁
  6. What I’m working on:  I need to finish planning our fall trip! I have booked our lodging but have to plan food and excursions. I love planning trips and researching different places to eat, hikes, and activities!
  7. What I’m excited about: Jon and I are heading on an East Coast Fall Road Trip at the end of October and I’m so excited!! We’ve been hunkered down in NYC this whole time, so we are always excited to get some fresh air and be in nature. Our trip this summer to Lake Placid was incredible, and I the East Coast will be just as great!
  8. What I’m watching/reading: we are watching Kara and Nate on YouTube – they are a couple that documents their journey to visiting 100 countries, and now they are driving a camper van across the US. I am currently reading My Oxford Year. I was expecting a lighthearted book, but it is a lot deeper than I thought! I finished The Wife Between Us and it was SO GOOD! There were so many unpredictable twists and turns in the plot. I’d highly recommend this one, especially if you liked Gone Girl.
  9. What I’m listening to: my current favorite song is All Too Well by Taylor Swift, I recently discovered this oldie and love it! I should be listening to Monster Mash on repeat!
  10. What I’m doing this weekend: I think we are going to see the Statue of Liberty. This is kind of touristy, but I think it’s the best time to visit because there aren’t large crowds. I’ve only been able to admire Lady Liberty from afar so I am excited!
  11. What I’m looking forward to next month: no more busy season and decorating for Christmas!!

11 thoughts on “What’s Up: October 2020

  1. Yay! My Oxford Year is SUCH a good book! I listened on Audible, and have done it two more times again! My daughter was supposed to do an Oxford semester last summer and I was looking forward to visiting her there and seeing all the sites. Alas, Covid. Will we ever get back to normal? Take care!

    1. I loved My Oxford Year! The book was not at all what I expected. What a bummer that would’ve been awesome to visit! Hopefully you make it there one day! I don’t even remember normal anymore 😞 Take care was well!

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