Lake Placid Day One – Mirror Lake

Hi friends, welcome back! Today’s post is coming to you from Lake Placid, NY! Jon and I were long overdue for a vacation and this trip has been perfect! It’s been almost six months since our last vacation and we were going a bit stir-crazy, to say the least 🙂 Last Friday morning we packed, walked to get our rental car, and headed north on an adventure. It felt so freeing to drive out of the city and head upstate to the mountains!

The five-hour drive was absolutely beautiful! All we saw for miles were giant mountains and green everywhere, such a contrast from NYC!

We booked an AirBnb close to town, and this was the first time we stayed in a room in someone’s house. The AirBnB has three guest rooms that are secluded from the main house, so it felt very private. I would say it’s like a bed & breakfast but without the breakfast ha! The house and room were extremely clean, and I felt very safe with our host. If you are looking to stay in Lake Placid, you can check out our AirBnB here.

After a quick walk from our room, we were in the small downtown Lake Placid and starving! We put our names in for Smoke Signal, but the wait was about an hour and a half, so we went to Emma’s Creamery for some giant ice cream cones. I love ice cream!! I got the salted Carmel, and Jon ordered peanut butter cookie dough. Yum! We went around 4:45 and the line wasn’t super long, but we drove past the next day and all day the line was so long! So, if you come here, be prepared for a wait worth your while.

Jon and I walked around Mirror Lake, the lake behind the quaint downtown Lake Placid, while we waited for our reservation. The path was about 2.5 miles through the woods and along the lake, and it was so peaceful! I couldn’t get enough of the fresh air and pine/lake scents, I was so happy to be able to walk around the lake. We didn’t pass many people, so we were able to walk without our masks most of the way, and whenever we passed someone, everyone just put their mask back on. In town almost everyone was considerate and wore a mask, it restored my faith in people.

The lake was so pretty and peaceful!

We ended up getting the best table at Smoke Signal and had such a nice dinner. (FYI this restaurant is very popular! Put your name in extra early, there’s always a long wait) I can’t put into words how nice it felt to be eating dinner outside overlooking the lake, and with perfect weather! To celebrate our vacation, we started with some Mojitos.

Then we tried the gyro bites and they were delicious!

I ordered the Pulled Pork sandwich for my entrée.

Jon ordered the Chopped Brisket sandwich with a side of fries. Both were delicious!

After dinner, we walked over to Lake Placid to see if we could catch the sunset, but the monstrous mountains were blocking the view 😉

We walked back to our AirBnB and called it an early night. We had a lengthy hike the next day to conserve our energy for. Can’t wait to share more with you all!

19 thoughts on “Lake Placid Day One – Mirror Lake

  1. What a gorgeous place for a getaway. I love your photos of the scenery and the food. The mojitos look delicious too. I have driven through but never spent time in upstate New York. Your post reminds me I need to find a way to spend time in this area. Are facilities from the Winter Olympics still in use?

    1. Thank you! It was the perfect escape from the city, and very safe! There is so much to see and do upstate, I didn’t realize until we were up there. There are 46 peaks to climb, I have a long way to go! I think you’d really like it. I believe the facilities from the Olympics are still in use for World Cups and other events. Unfortunately it’s closed due to the virus, but I will check it out next time I’m up there!

  2. Lake Placid sure looks “placid” and I’m glad you’re finally getting a dose of the less urban. However, I have to say – as someone who already lives rural – your photo of One World Trade Center is magnificent. The construction was just getting going the last time I was in NYC. We should all feel a little pride in the finished product.

    1. Haha it was great to get out! I am still in awe of One World Trade Center, it’s my favorite building in the city! It’s only about a ten minute walk from my apartment so I marvel at it quite a bit. You’ll have to see it one day and you can go to the top floor for an amazing view – I have yet to do that, but it’s on my list!

  3. What a fun trip! The airbnb looks incredible. I think my only struggle with an airbnb is that I would be concerned that the place isn’t quite as “clean” as a hotel BUT I guess if it’s someone’s house they might actually put more care into than a hotel housekeeper would, right?

    1. Thank you! That was my thought process as well! The recent covid-era reviews were also great so I felt more confident with their Airbnb, and our host definitely maintained the cleanliness of the house.

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