Celebrating My 27th Birthday in Lake Placid

Hi friends, I’m back from a much-needed getaway upstate to Lake Placid! My trip was incredibly refreshing, and needless to say, I was not ready to come home! Today I’m sharing about spending my 27thbirthday in Lake Placid. It was guaranteed to be a great birthday because it was on a weekend, and I was on vacation #doublewin. (If you missed my first Lake Placid post, you can catch up here!)

My 27th birthday started off pretty slow, Jon and I hiked 16.5 miles the day before (post coming soon) and we were EXHAUSTED! I know people say that the older they get, the more general body pain they feel, and I’m not sure if it was the coincidence of my birthday or the long hike, but I was in a lot of pain when I woke up!

Jon and I ventured out for some iced coffee in town at Bluesberry Bakery. This place was very popular in Lake Placid, and there was always a line for coffee and scones. We sipped our coffee overlooking Mirror Lake, it was so relaxing. 

The morning was a bit rainy, so we went into the cutest stationary shop, Mary Ballou Designs, and I picked out some souvenirs. I take pride in my collection of ornaments from trips and I found the perfect one! I can’t wait to hang this up in a few months. These are the only bears we saw all weekend thankfully 🙂 We picked out this picture for the apartment and it makes me smile thinking of a great trip!


I had originally planned to do another hike on my birthday, but Jon and I were both so sore that we changed plans and picked an easy, scenic trail. The Brewster Peninsula Trail was perfect to get some fresh air and move our legs a bit amidst some beautiful scenery. We also got a few glimpses of Lake Placid along the way. 

The Brewster Peninsula Trail was not super crowded and perfect for families with kids of all ages. The trail was more of a walking trail or biking path as opposed to a hiking trail. The only tricky part was all of the exposed tree roots along the path, but there was not any steep incline or rock scrambles.

After our walk, we stopped for a small bite at Dack Shack which was conveniently located on the road leading to The Brewster Peninsula Trail. We split the chicken gyro and a side of fries, and it was quite tasty! 

We had some extra time before dinner, so Jon and I waked back into town to do a little shopping and then walked around Mirror Lake again. Unfortunately, the Christmas store had closed so I didn’t get a chance to find any new decorations, but we did pick up some Adirondack Popcorn Company Moose Tracks Popcorn, Adirondacks chocolate truffles, and a book from The Bookstore Plus. 

For my birthday dinner, Jon made reservations at Salt of The Earth Bistro, and this was by far our favorite meal of the trip! The restaurant is located a few miles from downtown Lake Placid and we had a secluded table on the front patio. Cheers to 27!

We started with a spicy feta dip with some warm bread, it was delicious!

I ordered the Grilled Faroe Island Salmon and it was some of the BEST salmon I’ve had in a long time! I also enjoyed being able to eat some veggies for the first time in a bit too long.

Jon ordered the Pan Seared Magret Duck Breast and I ventured out and tried a bit and it was very tasty! 

For dessert, we split an ice cream sundae with vanilla ice cream, a toffee sauce, and bits of oatmeal cookie. The perfect way to end the meal! Jon and I both said this was one of the best meals we’ve had in a long time!

I ended my birthday facetiming my family, it was a perfect birthday! 

33 thoughts on “Celebrating My 27th Birthday in Lake Placid

  1. This looks beautiful, and so glad you had a nice birthday. Also totally feel your pain – we accidentally walked 15 miles yesterday (vastly under judged the distance) and I can barely move today. Have a good week 🙂

    1. Thank you! An accidental 15 miles is never fun ha! But it is a great story to tell. Hope you have a great week yourself 🙂

    1. Thank you! Wow – I was thinking it would be an amazing place to live, I’m jealous of your friend!

  2. That long of a hike when you are not used to it will cause great pain. There is another blogger who will hike multiple mountains in a day starting at daybreak. He has to be in great shape. Glad you got to the coffee shop with a great view and the Dack Shack. I love those two places. Be aware the Dack Shack does not accept cash.

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