Trader Joe’s 2020 Fall Haul

Hi friends, welcome back! I never thought I would EVER say this, but Jon and I went to Trader Joe’s for the first time in SIX months! My love for Trader Joe’s is no secret, but COVID clearly put a damper on my weekly TJs runs. My favorite TJs in NYC is about a thirty-minute walk, and last weekend we finally made the trek to stock up on some fall finds! I was so excited to be back wandering through the aisles and on the hunt for all things fall. You can check out my 2019 Fall Haul here, I was excited to see some new items this year to try out.

If you read my Fall 2020 bucket list, one of the items is to try out a fall drink! We picked out a cider and a beer. The cider was light and bubbly, but left your mouth with a heavy pumpkin taste. The beer was 9% alcohol and 16oz so be careful! I’m not a beer connoisseur but I would say it’s like a pumpkin flavored Blue Moon. I’d recommend both for a festive drink! Would be perfect to sip around a campfire or at a fall festival.

I discovered these waffles last year and loved them! I was happy they were still in stock when I went!

Cinnamon rolls are always a good idea!!

Leaf shaped tortilla chips…enough said!

These pumpkin (nutrigrain) bars are the perfect afternoon snack.

When I was a kid I only liked s’mores poptarts, but I was excited to try these pumpkin ones. Do you eat them toasted or untoasted? If you are deciding between the nutrigrain and poptart, the nutrigran is a lot better in my opinion.

These Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps are perfect for a fall charcuterie board!

I recently started having biscotti on the weekend with my coffee so I was so excited to see these pumpkin biscotti. The biscotti was a lot harder to bite into than I expected, but had a lot of flavor packed into such a small piece!

And finally some honorable mentions that looked intriguing but I didn’t buy because I could only fit so much in my backpack.

What’s your favorite Trader Joe’s fall find?





14 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s 2020 Fall Haul

    1. Oh no I’m sure you’re having major withdrawals! They need to open them in Canada!

  1. “this pumpkin walks into a bar…” cereal bars. I’d buy those just for the label – ha. And the photo of the baked TJ Pumpkin Rolls, oh my. Next stop, Trader Joe’s!

    1. Haha I really love the cereal bars! As tasty as clever 🙂 Fair warning on the cinnamon rolls – they may cause a sugar rush!

  2. It’s the Fall Leaf for me. Great finds Lyssy, it’s amazing that Trader Joe’s got seasonal snacks and drinks on their shelves. Amazing! I wonder if there’ll be any Santa themed collection for Christmas.

    1. There will be lots of Santas at Trader Joes and lots of gingerbread! I’ll make a trip and share 🙂

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