Trader Joe’s Restock and Fall 2019 Finds

Hi friends, happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. This weekend Jon and I ventured to Trader Joe’s and stocked up on our favorites in addition to some new fall goodies. We hadn’t gone to TJs in a few weeks because of travelling and my work schedule, so we had a lot to stock up on. I was especially excited to go because I love seeing all of the new fall finds. Anything pumpkin and fall related makes me so happy! Without further ado, let’s here’s my fall Trader Joe’s haul.

Starting with the produce area, I always try to buy my apples from Trader Joe’s because they’re so expensive at the grocery store near me and they don’t spoil quickly like berries. I’ve found that when I buy strawberries they get rotten pretty quickly so now I mostly buy apples and grapes for my fruit.


I always stock up on this almond milk cheese, it doesn’t have too much of a flavor but it doesn’t make my face break out so it’s a winner in my book. I occasionally get the soy cheese when they’re out of almond milk cheese, it’s tasty on my pizzas. Jon’s favorite is the Lite 2 Cheese Blend.


Lately on the weekends I’ve been having waffles for breakfast (I recently stopped eating my usual Ezekiel bread and almond butter because almonds are so taxing on the environment. It takes one gallon of water to produce each almond!) I was excited to try out these pumpkin ones instead of the usual whole grain and I highly recommend. The pumpkin flavor is just right and not overwhelming.


Moving on with the pumpkin/fall theme, I grabbed these! When I saw these leaf shaped tortilla chips I just had to get them, they’re so cute! I thought these pumpkin spice cookies were a fun treat to try and they taste amazing! I didn’t have high expectations and I was pleasantly surprised, definitely give them a try if they’re in your store! I also grabbed a can of pumpkin for a to be determined recipe. Last year I had a hard time finding pumpkin at the grocery store by me, that’s one of the hard things about living in NYC, there’s no Kroger or giant grocery store that has everything. So now I can make a recipe without any hassle.


These naan breads are an absolute must for Jon and I. I think if Trader Joe’s stopped selling them we would have a mini life crisis, we literally eat these for dinner almost every day during the week. I like the garlic one and Jon likes the original.


If you didn’t read Jon’s guest post, then you may not know that we’ve been loving our new air fryer! We got these fries for the air fryer and they tasted just like regular French fries.


Trader Joe’s is my favorite place to stock up on dried fruit and nuts. I’ve been eating cashews and dried apricots for my mid-day snack lately and TJ’s has the best selection. Jon likes putting this nut milk blend in his coffee and we like that there’s no added ingredients in the nut butters.


Lastly, we stocked up on seasonings/toppings. This pizza sauce is my absolute favorite for my naan bread pizzas, and I love this parmesan because it has some Romano cheese in it too for extra flavor.


I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I like to stock up on at Trader Joe’s! What are your favorite Trader Joe items??

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