Hiking Through Central Park

Hi friends! Hope you all had a great weekend! The weather here was perfect, low 80s, no clouds, and a breeze, so Jon and I headed to Central Park for some exploring. We got hiking boots a few months ago and finally got to break them in this weekend “hiking” in Central Park. I say “hiking” because almost all of Central Park is paved so it’s really not necessary to wear hiking boots, but nonetheless, it was a great place to break them in.


We walked around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir and it was so relaxing. There aren’t any cars around this area so it’s very quiet and serene. It was my first time seeing the Reservoir and I loved it. There’s a nice running/walking trail around the reservoir that is a 1.5 mile loop, but we only walked part of it.


I love how green Central Park is, it’s such a nice escape from the concrete jungle without even having to leave NYC.fullsizeoutput_1d38fullsizeoutput_1d46fullsizeoutput_1d47fullsizeoutput_1d4d

There are some baseball fields in the middle of the park, we took a water break and watched a little bit.


We found this pretty waterfall tucked away on the path, I just love waterfalls!



At the very north end of the park, there’s another pretty pond. I’ve never ventured this far north, so it was so fun exploring!


Jon and I started heading back and heard a band playing so we walked up and everyone was out on blankets listening to a jazz bank performing. One of my favorite things about NYC is that there’s always something fun going on that you can stumble across. There was also a little stand giving away free boxed water which came in clutch!i86nHzPuTtm9W0bLq3jIQw4l7hoB%lS0ajr1%kpV2fqg

It was the perfect day getting some vitamin D and fresh air! Per my phone we walked about 5-6 miles on our excursion. Hopefully soon we will be hiking on real trails in the mountains. P.S. stay tuned for the sweet treat we got after our explorations in Central Park.

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