Our Two Year Anniversary

This past Wednesday, Jon and I celebrated our two-year anniversary! I love that we are in Scotland getting to spend all this uninterrupted time together, it’s been the perfect vacation! I’ll be sharing all the details from our trip next week, but I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite memories together this past year 🙂 This year was special because it was our first year not being long distance.IMG_3883_polarr.jpg

Here we are celebrating Jon’s 28thbirthday! This was our first time being together on his actual birthday. We went to Los Caminos for dinner and then walked the highline home. You can see more here. img_4007

We headed home to my cottage for the Fourth of July and this was our first time travelling together and not apart. We had so much fun at the lake!


For my 25thbirthday we went and got delicious sushi in Chelsea.IMG_4314

Here we are when we finally found a couch for our apartment! This was a big adult purchase for us. We must have spent at least two months searching for the perfect couch. IMG_4410.jpg

We moved over Labor Day into our dream apartment! It was so exciting to move and be in our official first place together.IMG_4561

In September I was in my friend’s wedding and Jon was my plus one. I even caught the bouquet!fullsizeoutput_9fb

For my birthday present, Jon took me to the Ed Sheeran Concert and it was the best night ever! We got to hear our first dance song live and it was amazing!IMG_4713

I love exploring the city together, here we are in Brooklyn after walking across the Brooklyn Bridge!img_4827_polarr

After my busy season ended, we spent a long weekend in Boston and this was our favorite vacation of the year! We walked the Freedom Trail, visited Harvard, drank a lot of coffee, and ate a lot of great food! It was so great to spend so much time together after my rough busy season.DSC_0848img_5099

We headed to Savannah, GA the weekend before Thanksgiving and saw Jon’s sister Brooklyn. She gave us a tour of the city and then brought us on a fun day trip to Charleston, SC.IMG_5416_polarrfullsizeoutput_a8f

Here we are in Atlanta for Thanksgiving.fullsizeoutput_ac2

In December, we saw all of the big Christmas trees in NYC and watched almost every Christmas movie together this year 🙂 This was my first Christmas in the city and it was so fun! We also had a lot of fun decorating the apartment.img_5726

After Christmas with my family, I flew to Atlanta and Jon took me on a secret date to a winery. We were having so much fun there, and then he brought me down to a little pond and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I’m still in shock! It’s crazy we’ve already been engaged for five months now. You can read the whole post here.fullsizeoutput_efcIMG_1059

In January we went to Puerto Rico for a community service event and mini vacation. We loved being on the beach and had such a great time! Our favorite thing was exploring this old fort.img_1284-1

For Valentine’s Day we went to the Met and had ice cream sundaes at Serendipity.fullsizeoutput_1185

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day together! Jon actually texted me the day before St. Patrick’s Day in 2017. It’s amazing how much can change in just two years!IMG_2400_polarr

In March, we saw Hamilton together on Broadway and it was the best Christmas present ever! I absolutely loved it! I still listen to the songs all the time.I2UN%+e0RL6U6IOmpAT1MQ

In April we went to see my family for Easter and got a lot of wedding decisions finalized. Luckily my mom had scoped out a lot of things, so we just had to pick a venue and meet with the photographer, videographer, and pastor.


Lately, Jon and I have been enjoying the spring weather and exploring the city. I love spending quality time together now that I’m not in busy season and being able to eat dinner together.ZWRDErr4R1WgmDuqp21Tg.jpg

We’ve recently started going to yoga together and it makes me so happy! I’m so excited for this next year together before we get married, and for all the adventures and memories to come!A96154AC-2C21-45E1-8208-93EDCCD83106





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