Exploring Boston: A Day in Cambridge

Happy November 1st! I hope you all had a great Halloween and are ready for all things Christmas now 🙂

On our last full day in Boston, we decided to go to Cambridge and see Harvard’s campus. Our first stop was Café Crema for some much needed coffee. I got a French Toast Latte that was very rich and really tasted like French Toast. We weren’t super hungry for breakfast, so we didn’t order any food, much to our downfall.

After our coffee we walked to Harvard’s Business School. There was a crew event going on so the campus was very busy and full of life. There were so many Golden Retrievers that I got to pet.

The campus was so pretty, all of the buildings had so much character, it makes me almost wish I applied there. Just kidding!

I was starving and hangry by the time we were done walking around the business school campus. Luckily Jon brought us to Sweet Bakery and we got a salted caramel brownie and cold brews.

We walked to the law school next and went inside the library, but our access was very limited.

For a late lunch/snack we went to a cool Greek place called Saloniki which I would highly recommend. I got a chicken pita that brought me back to my usual self.

We walked to see Hengry Wadsworth Longfellow’s house afterwards where George Washington was headquartered during the Seige of Boston. We just missed getting a tour of this house, but the outside was beautiful.

After touring Harvard, we took the subway to Acorn street which is an istagram famous spot.

We walked back from here and got to see all of the porches decorated for Halloween. The buildings were so pretty, I could just look at them all day. It’s much different than NYC with all of the high rises.

We went to the north end for dinner which is famous for their delicious Italian food. We had reservations at Catalina Italiana.

I had a glass of chardonnay and Jon had a bourbon spice, and we toasted to a wonderful trip together.

Jon ordered the chicken parm that was so good, and I had the Fettuccini al Salmone. I usually never order pasta, but I was really craving it. We were very full afterwards!!

We got some coffee before our train took off for NYC. I loved Boston, it’s very unique and filled with history. If I went back I would get a guided tour of the freedom trail to really learn about the places I have pictures of. I also want to try the famous Tatte bakery. The duck boat tours are also really popular, but it was a bit too cold to go on one. We saw these all over town.

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  1. Love all your pictures and stories about each event or place that you visited. You and Jon look so relaxed and happy. Love to you both Situ

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