Our Engagement Story

Oh My Goodness! I can’t believe I’m writing this post! This is by far my favorite post so far. I’ll start by saying that I’m not a very patient person. I always like to know what’s going on, so the fact that Jon was able to surprise me amazes me! I had been asking him so many questions in hopes he would give me some idea on when we were getting engaged, but I’m glad he kept his cool and was able to surprise me. It was the best surprise ever, I’m a lucky girl!


Jon’s sister, Carly, and I had a girls day when I flew down to Atlanta after Christmas. We went and took pictures, got smoothies, and then she insisted that I get my nails done. I kept pestering her with questions, but she wouldn’t tell me anything! I kept telling her I could just get my nails done in NYC and she was like just go with it! (I’m so glad that I did!)


I got my nails dipped with SNS and we picked a deep red color. It was a really cool process, they use powder instead of nail polish and it’s supposed to be healthier for your nails and last over three weeks. (It’s been over 2 weeks and my nails still look perfect, I’d highly recommend this dip) I texted Jon a picture of my nails and said they last for three weeks FYI 🙂0TzeYsbQeSLMFUYfBU8pg.jpg

Jon had plans for us the following day, so when I asked him what we were doing he said it was a “secret date” which he’s never said before. I of course asked him a million questions trying to figure out what the secret date was, but he wouldn’t tell me anything other than I had to be ready by 1pm. He also told me that I should look cute because there would be a lot of photo ops!

That following day Jon and I worked out together, and then we had to get ready quickly, so we could leave on time. I had to shower, wash and dry my hair, put on makeup, and pick an outfit in such a short time! I decided half way through that I wasn’t going to rush because he can’t expect me to do all that in less than an hour. I’m glad that I took my time. Carly straightened my hair for me, she’s my hair stylist when I’m in Atlanta!

Ready to start our secret date!

Jon and I were out the door on our way to our secret date around 1pm. I had no idea where we were going or what our date consisted of, I only knew it was about an hour away. I started guessing what our date could be, but I wasn’t having any luck. I finally said will there at least be wine there? That’s when Jon said yes, and I figured out we were going to a winery. I had never been to a winery, so I was very excited.


The winery was in the middle of nowhere! The roads were so windy and there wasn’t much civilization, but we made it! On the way there I was wondering if he was going to propose because he was very particular about my hair and what I should wear, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up so I told myself it wasn’t happening today. I thought he was doing that so that on the actual day I wouldn’t be suspicious.9aTfSseQoWG0SbHhsOWew.jpg

We got a tour of the winery and learned about how the wine was made and got to see the equipment.fullsizeoutput_f07OJwJVVqeSvazAv7MYpf7JQ.jpg

After the tour we went to the bar and got a flight of wine to try. We got to choose 5 for our flight, we picked the first four the same and then the last one we picked different wines. We started with the whites because those are my favorites and then ended with two reds. All of the wines were so good! I was asking Jon about our engagement and he said that he would answer one question, so I asked if it was all planned out, and he said yes. He wasn’t joking!CwlasQVJRnOdFKc8OP9hbQ.jpgfullsizeoutput_f09We also had this delicious flatbread! It had goat cheese, arugula, and balsamic vinaigrette.HjbUzUmASPOEFP0tdeMdrgfullsizeoutput_f0alw7SNKOgQmeZ4RRzTDoJNA.jpgWine tasting was so much fun! We were just enjoying the wine and each other’s company, it was the perfect secret date! After our flight was over, we had the waitress take this picture of us. Little did I know our lives were about to be changed forever!!hsdSMnRuWQsPFhLdCbKQ-1.jpgJon suggested that we go outside and walk around the winery, I thought this was a good idea because we had a lot of wine in that flight and the grounds were so pretty! It had rained that morning, but it stopped by the time we left for the winery and was just foggy. Jon suggested that we go take a selfie by the pond at the bottom of the hill, and that’s when I started to get a little suspicious. The pond was a ways down and I made jokes on the way down because I was a little nervous. I like asking questions jokingly to Jon, but the actual engagement is life changing and a big moment!B4EgHNM6QmyZ7aD8u8SBLw.jpgDSC_0244While we were walking down Jon looked back and I was wondering what he was looking at, but I didn’t turn around. He did it a second time and that’s when I really knew it might be happening.

DSC_0246.JPGWe got onto the little deck overlooking the pond and Jon hugged me and told me how much he loves me, and some other loving things I’ll keep for us, it was such a special moment. Then Jon stepped back, got down on one knee, pulled out an ornament with a ring inside, and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes and gave him my hand. I was so shocked and in disbelief. But I was so happy, and I couldn’t believe this was real and actually happening. The ring is absolutely beautiful and exactly what I wanted. I had shown Jon my Pinterest board to give him an idea and he did great.fullsizeoutput_efb.jpegDSC_0250fullsizeoutput_efcfullsizeoutput_f02fullsizeoutput_f1b.jpegI could hear a camera clicking when Jon was proposing, but I didn’t want to ruin the moment and look away. I had no idea that Jon’s sisters were in on the proposal and had run down the hill to get pictures and a video. I didn’t hear them at all when we were walking down, but that’s what Jon was looking at behind us. The pictures turned out great and I’m so thankful they could be there to take the pictures and celebrate with us.  Jon had been texting them when we were at the winery and told them to be ready at 3, but we didn’t finish the wine tasting until around 4 so they were hiding out in the car the whole time.fullsizeoutput_efdfullsizeoutput_efffullsizeoutput_f02fullsizeoutput_f01

Brooklyn and Carly! They risked the mud to get the best pictures!

Carly and Brooklyn brought champagne and we had some on the deck. Jon and I stayed down there for 20 minutes after they went up and were talking about how excited and happy we are, and just enjoying the moment together before everyone knew. It was so special and surreal.fullsizeoutput_f04fullsizeoutput_f08fullsizeoutput_f1cfullsizeoutput_f1fIMG_4327N867tSbe+Jd846YV0EQ

We walked back up and took a lot of pictures! A lady in the winery had got some pictures of the whole event and you can see Carly, Brooklyn, Jon and I in the picture.


I was so excited to tell all of my friends and family the great news! My mom and Carly had been in communication the whole day, but I called my parents right after to share the great news. My mom was worried because Carly said it would be around 3, but it didn’t happen until almost 4:30!

We went out to dinner at Rumi, a Mediterranean restaurant, afterwards with Jon’s family and I was on cloud 9 still! I ordered some salmon, and then the waitress brought Jon and I some champagne to celebrate.fullsizeoutput_f22fullsizeoutput_f25fullsizeoutput_f27

I didn’t want to take my ring off that night, I was afraid I would wake up and it was all a dream! I want to take all the time to enjoy this moment forever. It’s crazy to think that we will be married next year. Our engagement is my absolute favorite memory with Jon, and I know the best is yet to come. I’m so excited to journey through life together and all that’s to come.

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