Weekly Workouts – 1/7/19

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend! I finally took down most of the Christmas decorations. I left up some of the snowmen and the little reindeer in our bedroom. We also got a replacement couch this weekend from West Elm so lots of changes to the apartment! It feels so empty without all of the Christmas cheer, but I haven’t found any decorations I like yet. We went to TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and World Market this weekend (they’re all in the same building with a Bed Bath and Beyond) and I only found one little flower pot for my nightstand. Where do you all get your decorations?

Jon and I are going to Puerto Rico this week, so we are very excited! It’s been very cold in NYC so we are looking forward to some warm weather!! I bought some high spf sun screen this weekend so hopefully I don’t burn (I got some aloe just in case). We’ve never been to Puerto Rico, but one day of the trip we are hiking through the rainforest and kayaking so that should be a lot of fun and hopefully I’ll have great pictures to share.

img_0916.jpgI had some really great workouts this week now that I’ve been in a good routine the last few weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to hit some PRs soon. We’ve been working out with our friends a lot so that’s some great motivation too. They’re both really strong and have been lifting a long time and help push us.

The move this week I’m sharing is a plate raise. This works your shoulders and is a great exercise to start incorporating. The key is to try and not rock your body, I do a little in the video, but it’s best to isolate your shoulders. You lift the plate above your head, and then slowly bring back down. If you don’t have a plate, you could also use a dumbbell or kettle bell.

Weekly Workouts

  • Monday
    • Squat: 175# 2×3 185# 3×3
    • Reverse lunge: 95# 4×12
  • Tuesday
    • Deadlift: 200# 4×3
    • Straight leg deadlift:
    • Rear delt
    • Abs
  • Wednesday:
    • Complete off day
  • Thursday
    • Bench: 110# 5×3
    • Shoulder press: 22.5# 4×8
    • Cable lateral raise
    • Plate raise
  • Friday
    • Squat: 170# 4×5
  • Saturday:
    • Deadlift: 215# 5×2
    • Sumo deadlift: 135# 3×8
    • Rear delt pull: 4X10
  • Sunday:
    • Bench 100# 3×7
    • Db chest fly: 15# 4×8
    • Arnold press: 20# 4×8
    • Bicep curl: 15# 4×10
    • Tricep ext 4×12
    • Abs

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