Jon’s Birthday in NYC!

Jon’s birthday was on a Monday (June 25th), so we decided to celebrate the weekend before. In the morning we met our friends and lifted with them. I did some deadlifts while Jon benched with his bros.

We went to Insomnia Cookies afterwards because I was starting to get hangry! We got the peanut butter cup deluxe and it wasn’t protein packed, but so good! We got in and out of Trader Joes fast and stocked up on some necessities.

We got ready and then took the subway downtown to Chelsea District. One day we are going to go to the Chelsea Market, I’ve heard it’s really cool.

Jon picked to eat at Dos Caminos, which is a nice Mexican restaurant that’s really good.

We started off with Margaritas and guacamole. The guac came in this cool bowl that I’ve seen in another Mexican restaurant too.

I ordered the Pescado (Mahi Mahi) tacos, which are my fav to order when I eat Mexican.

Jon ordered the Skirt Steak Asada.

We walked the Highline home, which is a famous landmark in NYC. It’s an old railroad track that they converted into a sidewalk. It’s so quiet and pretty up here, and it can be quicker because you don’t have to stop for traffic.

There’s also a little view of the Empire State Building.

We were going to make a chocolate cake the following day, but I had a stomach bug and had to stay in bed all day. The grocery store by us has a little bakery and we bought this little Cannoli cake. We didn’t know what to expect, but it was delicious! We ate it all before I remembered to take a picture of the inside, that’s how good it was!

We also got some Poke from our favorite place for dinner.

Cheers to another happy and healthy year!

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