2018 Recap – The Best Year Ever!

Happy New Year!! Maybe it’s just me, but I swear this year flew by so fast! I always like recapping and reflecting on the year, and then thinking about my goals and things I’m excited about in the next year. I used to do this in a very long journal entry, but now I’ve got my blog JI like thinking about what goals I achieved, what major accomplishments I had, places I’ve been, and lessons I’ve learned.


2018 was an amazing and life changing year for me to say the least!!! I think that this year definitely changed my life and lead me in a direction I never thought I would go. Growing up if you asked me where I wanted to live, New York would have been at the bottom of the list, but I’ve really loved living in the city and exploring so far. Also, my high school self never would have believed I would get engaged to my best friend Carly’s brother, but that was my favorite day of 2018 and the best is yet to come.


This year started off on a great note with my graduation from Walsh College with my Masters in Taxation. I learned so much from that college and had some great professors teaching me. At times it felt like I would never be done with school, especially on the nights I had class after work, but in January I walked across the stage and received my diploma.

I also started my blog in January. I had been wanting to start one since college, and I finally took the leap and just started. I haven’t looked back since, and I’m so glad that I did it. I’m excited to continue to improve my blog this year and will hopefully have some great stories to share with you on it. Thank you all for your support and reading my posts!

In February I visited Jon and we had the biggest milkshake that we’d ever seen and saw The Book of Mormon on Broadway for Valentine’s Day. I would definitely recommend seeing the show, it was hilarious! Soon we are seeing Hamilton and I can’t wait!!!

March and April was filled with tax season and not much else, but in May my family and I headed out west to Portland, Oregon to visit Lauren. We hiked a lot; my favorite trail was filled with so many beautiful water falls. We also went to the famous Canon Beach. It was so pretty out there, it almost felt like a different world, especially compared to Manhattan. It was nice for the family to be all together, because shortly after I flew the nest!


On Memorial Day weekend I had a one-way ticket to NYC! It was weird booking that, but also so exciting. I shipped all of my boxes the week before, so I only had to bring two suitcases and a carryon. Jon met me at the airport and then we went back to our apartment and have lived happily ever after since. But really, it’s so nice not being long distance anymore. I love coming home from work to him, and we almost always take the subway to work together. It’s also nice being able to work out together, especially in our new apartment gym!

In June we were busy exploring NYC and I was busy getting settled. We also started the search for our couch that finally ended in August. We went to Columbus Circle, saw the Flat Iron building, and walked through Central Park. I was trying to take full advantage of not being in busy season at work.

In July we flew home to Michigan to go to my cottage for the Fourth of July. It was the first time I had been there in a while and my sisters were there too. It was so nice being back on the boat and escaping the hustle, bustle, and noise of the city.IMG_4115.JPG

In August I turned the big 2-5! #Woof but I embraced getting older and wiser 😉 Jon and I went out to Sushi for my birthday dinner and it was delicious! He also bought me tickets to Ed Sheeran, and that concert was so amazing! Hearing Perfect live almost brought me to tears and was almost as good as the puppy I asked for.


On Labor Day weekend we moved into our dream apartment! When we first saw it we both knew it was the one. Apartment hunting in NYC is actually not very fun. An apartment can be listed and rented out in the same day, so it’s really hard to get a good one. You could be viewing an apartment and while that’s happening, someone could have put a deposit and sniped it. Our new apartment is beautiful and has some great views of the city. We signed a two-year lease and have been very busy trying to finish furnishing it. We got a new bedroom and living room set and absolutely love our West Elm sectional couch.

In September I escaped busy season for a weekend for my friend Danielle’s wedding. It was nice to be home too. We went to the cider mill, a must in Michigan! The wedding was beautiful and so fun to be a part of! I even caught the bouquet!! I kept reminding this to Jon…

I finished my busy season mid-October, and it was my hardest one yet! Working in public accounting in NYC is a whole different ballgame. Jon and I took a trip to Boston the weekend after Tax Day and it was so nice to take time off and explore. We took the train which was very convenient and got a nice hotel. We walked the freedom trail on our first day and that was really cool, there’s so much history there. One day we will go back and have a guided tour to learn more. I also saw my friend Beth and her boyfriend Matt, we met them for brunch and then explored a little. It was such a nice coincidence to be there at the same time!

Jon and I also went to Cambridge to check out Harvard’s campus. It was so pretty!

In November I flew home to decorate my parents’ house for Christmas and puppy sit one of the cutest little goldens. I also got to see my cousin Deborah and Aunt Linda that weekend. I love decorating for Christmas, my family, and puppies so it was the perfect weekend!

I also travelled south in November, Jon and I went to Savannah, GA and then to Charleston, SC. It was nice to escape the cold weather and see some southern history. The old buildings are really pretty and have been nicely restored. I also liked the little squares in Savannah and the iconic Rainbow Row in Charleston. Jon’s sister Brooklyn was a great help recommending places, and it was nice spending time with her.


We also spent Thanksgiving in Atlanta with Jon’s family and it was so great to see them. Before I was living In NYC, I had to balance my time in Atlanta with Carly and Jon, but now that I’m with Jon every day, I can spend more time with Carly. Her and I always wanted to be sister in laws, and now we finally will be without having to marry the Jonas Brothers (that’s what we were hoping in middle school haha)

After Thanksgiving, I started my new job so that’s exciting. It’s going well so far and I’ve even made some friends. It’s crazy to think that I was in three different offices this year. I’ve definitely learned to adapt quickly this year.

December was a great month filled with so many Christmas festivities! Jon and I saw Bryant Park, Rockefeller Tree, and went to a Christmas themed bar. It was so fun being here this Christmas and getting to see everything, last year I only got to experience Christmas in NYC for a weekend. I checked off almost everything on my Christmas Bucket List this year.

Jon and I flew home to Michigan a few days before Christmas to see my parents. We saw a light show, had brunch with Beth, and played cards with my aunt and uncle. I was only home for 5 full days but I really enjoyed seeing my friends and family that I had a chance to see. We went to my Aunt Linda’s for Christmas and had a lot of fun!


I flew to Atlanta after Christmas to see Jon’s family, little did I know what was in store. Carly and I had a fun girls day and she insisted that I get my nails done. The following day Jon and I went on a “secret date” at a winery and he asked me to marry him!!! It was such a surreal moment and so special. I can’t wait to share our engagement story soon.


2018 was such an amazing year and I’m so excited to see what 2019 has in store for me! I hope that Jon and I get to travel, see our families, get some wedding planning done (crazy!!) and finish decorating our apartment. Cheers to 2019!!

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