Christmas 2018

Happy New Years Eve!!! 2018 was so good to me, and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store! I have so many exciting blog posts upcoming next year (including our engagement story) so bear with me and I get back into my regular posts! I hope you all have a great NYE and I wish you a new year full of health, love, and travels. Now back to Christmas real quick 🙂

I can’t believe that Christmas has come and gone! I had such a great Christmas and didn’t want it to end! I hope you all had a great Christmas filled with love and family. I also hope that Santa was good to you!IMG_0130

On Christmas Eve my cousin Deborah came over so we could hang out with her and see Dodger. My family really missed him since we got to puppysit. It was so nice catching up with her, and her son Thomas. My dad liked Dodger a lot more now that he knows we weren’t keeping him.


My grandma came over earlier and I got to catch up with her, I hadn’t seen her since the Fourth of July. My mom’s brother and his family came later for dinner. I had some delicious ham, cheesy potatoes, and salad.BobdNP3NRqGurUgOO70Alg.jpgfullsizeoutput_e99fullsizeoutput_e9aPHOLbn8SLWx6O4FLCJYw.jpg

For dessert we had apple pie and lots of cookies!


My mom bought my family and grandma matching dog print pajamas, so we all wore those while my dad read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. We all went to bed afterwards so Santa could come!fullsizeoutput_cb4The first thing we did Christmas morning was search for the pickle. Kristen found it in about a minute, and the prize was a gift card to Home Goods! Then we all open our stockings first and get the usual candy, lotion, razors, socks, and lottery tickets. Lauren won about $25 on her tickets, but mine were all losers.PFXcSmoQhSeKYFu50Vb9w.jpg

Afterwards we exchanged presents, and we all got things that we wanted. This year I got two pairs of shoes. My mom got me some UGG booties and my sisters got me some Nike’s Roche’s for when I’m exploring so I don’t have to wear my workout shoes.O38U2+e%Swa3JjWxAt3uZA


I also got a few special gifts too. My grandma gave me this cute little Santa and I just love him! It’s hard for my grandma to get around because she can’t drive far, so I really appreciate the effort it took to pick this out for me.IMG_1122.jpg

I got my grandma my favorite Vera Bradley blanket! They make great gifts.


My mom also got me a special ornament/decoration that is really cute! I can’t wait to put it out next year. Her and I went out after Christmas to find decorations, but we didn’t see anything that we loved. If we had more time we would’ve tried William Sonoma.QK%dgfZAQmi2IUhsddmDewMy dad got this cool golf cart for Christmas! He also got a giant TV!


For breakfast we had eggs, cinnamon rolls, and a fruit salad.


Later on Christmas Day we went over to my Aunt Linda’s for dinner and a good time. Here is her pup Norton that she rescued. He’s the sweetest!


Her tree is real and looked great!


We had a delicious dinner of brisket, shrimp, sweet and regular potatoes, and green beans. I had to have seconds 🙂RlCeoMANRWvpLDh0hyejA.jpgv8ySdgnATHGFy7fqzdp2mg.jpg

These two have been friends for over 50 years! They are the friends that turn into family that we love so much!Kgtw1FOOQeG7nFjndgfE4w.jpg

After dinner we did a white elephant and I got some wireless speakers that will be great to have. My mom got the last pick and chose the game “Utter Nonsense” and we all played it afterwards. It’s like Cards of Humanity and Apples to Apples. You all get 7 cards with phrases on them, and then the judge picks an accent card and whoever says their card in the best accent, or whoever has the funniest card with that accent wins. My Uncle Ken was very good at it! We were all laughing so hard the whole game. I was not very good because I kept laughing in the middle of saying mine.XOEKPJICSPoHCkOh6tzg-1.jpg

We had such a great time together, it was the perfect way to end Christmas!IMG_0209

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