Christmas in Michigan 2018 – Part 1

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!! I hope you are all having the best day with loved ones! I’m hanging with my family today and then my grandma, my mom’s brother, and his family are coming for dinner. I love Christmas Eve because there’s so much anticipation of Christmas morning still.IMG_5890

I had such a great weekend in Michigan with my family and Jon. We flew in Thursday evening and had an easy flight. Luckily there’s no impending weather this holiday, but I’ll definitely be missing the white Christmas. My parents picked us up from the airport, and we hung with my family Thursday night. My sister, Lauren, flew in Thursday morning so the whole family was back together for the first time since July!


On Friday Jon and I went to a community college gym and worked out, It was nice to get that in so we don’t get too far off our schedule. I got my haircut afterwards and chopped off about 4 inches I think. It always feels good to have some lighter hair.

Afterwards, Jon and I went to the mall to look around, but mainly to finally upgrade my phone! I had an iPhone 6 from May 2015, but it only had 16GB of memory so I always got the storage full pop-up. I upgraded to 128GB, so I should have that issue anymore. I’m excited for the better-quality camera on this phone too.

We got some takeout from my family’s favorite Chinese place, Szechuan, and It was delicious! I haven’t had any Chinese in New York yet.xuoGAvD0ShGsYob1G8G0nw.jpg

That night my parents, Jon, and I went to the Wayne County Light Festival to see all of the lights. The park puts on a 4 mile light show for Christmas that’s a lot of fun. It was packed when we went, and we were in the car line for about 40 minutes before the start of the light show. I had gone when I was younger, but a lot of the lights were new. I’d highly recommend it if you live in the area, you just play some Christmas music and drive through.



On Saturday we met up with my friend Beth and her boyfriend Matt. I’ve been friends with Beth for 22 years now! We saw them a few months ago in Boston, and it was so nice to see them again. We went to a well known café in Northville called Rebecca’s and I got a turkey burger. We were all amazed at how inexpensive it was, we are so used to the prices in NYC and Chicago so we were all pretty excited.80Fv86T1QSq1KlW6XXU18A.jpgfullsizeoutput_c69fullsizeoutput_c6c

My family went over to my Aunt Rita and Uncle Craig’s house to celebrate Christmas. They are such great family friends of ours so I was happy to be able to see them while I was in town. It’s been a tradition of ours to get together to have pizza and play cards.NnaVcGopQEWhVvp0qOlqYw.jpg



This was Jon’s first time playing Tripoley with us, but he caught on fast and won the final showdown! Hopefully he gets invited back to play next year after the big win 😉aJmVXfiiR3O2dpgTqPAW9g.jpgfullsizeoutput_c76

My Aunt Rita has the best Christmas decorations, my goal is to one day have as well a decorated place as her!



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  1. Love how you and Beth have stayed connected. Two wonderful third grade students that I love to stay in contact with. I am so proud of you two and all of your sisters. P.S. if you are ever around, I have a Santa for you. I have so many that were given to me from students. Every year I put all 38 out in an arrangement and I love them, but it is time to down size. I would love you to choose one.

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