Five Favorite Christmas Traditions

Hi friends! There are only 5 More days until Christmas!!! 🎄🎅🏻 I just love the anticipation of Christmas so much. Jon and I are flying to Michigan today where I will spend Christmas with my family. We have watched almost all of the Christmas movies, seen most of the trees, and even built a gingerbread house. I have done a lot of things on my bucket list and am really enjoying the holiday season here in NYC!

In anticipation of Christmas, I’m sharing my five favorite Christmas traditions 🎄

  1. My dad reading Twas the Night Before Christmas to us every Christmas Eve before we go to bed. He’s done this every year since I can remember, and my mom always video records it. My dad is a very enthusiastic reader to say the least
  2. Decorating my parent’s house for Christmas! I know I’ve said it a million times, but it makes me so happy to be in a house decorated for Christmas. Decorations always put me in the Christmas spirit
  3. Spending Christmas with my Aunt Linda and her family. We started doing a $15 gift and it’s so fun to see what everyone picked out. My cousin Ryan always gets Ferrero Roche chocolates and my dad always picks out some multi-use tool/gadget. I have a very clever gift picked out this year!
  4. Watching old family videos in our pajamas all morning. I love seeing how excited we all were when Santa came, and it’s always great seeing Abby in all the videos. She’s very missed on Christmas! It seems like yesterday I was the little kid in the videos, and now I’m 25 and living in NYC. Life is crazy!
  5. Buying a new ornament when I travel. This one is newer, but It’s so fun to look at the tree and remember all the great places I’ve been. So far I have ornaments from Greece, Boston, Nashville, and Portland. I also love giving people ornaments as a gift.

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