Weekly Workouts

Happy Monday! We had a much-needed relaxing weekend at home. On Saturday we worked out and watched a lot of football and non-scary Halloween movies. This was my first Saturday not working or travelling since July so I was really looking forward to a low-key weekend! On Sunday we worked out, ran some errands, and meal prepped. It’s nice going into the week feeling refreshed, organized, and prepared. I hope you all have a great week!

Moving on to the regularly scheduled fitness post 🙂 I’m back to my usual routine in the gym and feeling pretty good. I’m slowly starting to feel stronger on my bench and squat. What I really need to focus on now is stretching. I often neglect this and it’s catching up to me big time! I feel pretty sore and tight occasionally, so hopefully I start going to yoga soon.

The move this week is a SQUAT. I believe that this is the BEST exercise you could do. It’s so important to add this to your workout if you aren’t doing so already. You don’t have to add any weight to get all of the benefits. I would slowly add weight etiher by holding a dumbbell, kettle bell, or med ball. You squat every time you sit in a chair, it’s a natural movement already.

5 Reasons to Squat:

  1. Increases your mobility and helps keep your joints fluid. I’m sure you’ve heard that squats hurt your knees, but this is a myth
  2. Increase your heart rate and help burn more calories in your workout
  3. Reduces injury by strengthening all your leg muscles which stabilize you when you are running, jumping, getting up from your seat, etc.
  4. Strengthens your core! When you squat your core keeps you balanced the whole movement
  5. Works your entire body! Every muscle contributes to the squat, this is why it burns so many calories

Weekly Workouts:

  • Monday:
    • Squat: 175# 2×3 185# 3×3
    • Reverse lunge: 95# 4×12
    • Hip Thrust: 95# 4×8
  • Tuesday:
    • Bench: 95# 3×7
    • Shoulder Press: 55# 4×5
  • Wednesday:
    • Complete off day
  • Thursday:
    • Deadlift: 205# 5×2
    • Sumo deadlift: 135# 4×5
  • Friday:
    • Bench: 105# 4×5
    • Incline bench: 70# 4×8
    • Arnold Press: 22.5# 4×8
    • Tricep extension: 4×10
    • Bicep curl: 17.5# 4×8
  • Saturday:
    • Squat: 200# 3×1, 150# 3×5
    • Reverse lunge: 95# 4×12
  • Sunday:
    • Shoulder press: 22.5# 4×8
    • Arnold press: 15# 4×8
    • Lateral raise: 15# 4×8
    • Bicep curl: 15# 4×8
      • SS Kettlebell tricep extension: 25# 4×10
    • Cable tricep extension
    • Abs

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